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LCD display problems with the dashes

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Madman Apex, Aug 25, 2009.

  1. In either GTR2 or EVO, I cant make the motec LCD displays in the game display any read out information. I have driven basicaly every car to see if they work and none do. i have changed my display settings from the lowest to the highest and tried with no success. In GTR2 im able to use the motec i2 software to analyze my laps (but not in EVO i get minidump errors) i thought that once this was up and running the displays would work but it still doesn't. HELP please... in my head i imagine its one little tiny detail that i've missed, its gonna make me look like a total noob...
  2. Might be totally wrong here so sorry for my noobness showing if I am... but have you mapped a button in GTR for (i think its) toggle LCD or LCD mode or something like that? Then when you press this button when your in cockpit view the dash LCD should toggle through tyre temps etc, etc. Until you press this button it shows no info..

    As for the mini dumps with the mod (which I don't have) are you absolutley certain you have the correct download for GTR Evo and not for GTR2, from personal experience it is so easy to find youself trying to install say a GTR2 or Rfactor track or car mod into GTR Evo which will cause it to crash because there the wrong files, alternatively if you get mixed up when installing the files and put them in the wrong place you will get minidumps so check and double check those locations, if your 100% certain you have the right download and 100% certain its all in the right place and other people have it working, but your getting minidumps, make sure you log out of steam compleatly and go back in (I am sure steam scans/loads certain files when its started) so won't always pick up on alterations made while its logged in - even though the game is not running. Also switching OFF the pc (not a restart) seems to work sometimes with minidumps when your totally sure everything is right and it should work.

    Hope this is some use, let us know if it is please.
  3. hey thanks... yeah i have a button mapped for the LCD on my wheel but i still dont get anything. as for the minidumps i removed all the MODS i had added and when i modify my PLR file for MoTeC data aquisition is when i get the minidump so something i have changed in my PLR file is what causes the minidump... no big deal i have now downloaded some of nice programs that have by made by the users for my data aquisition and cockpit display of tyre/brake temps and pressures...
  4. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    The PLR is advised not to be changed so that might be the reason. Controller files you can edit without a problem
  5. i change the PLR file to get the output data for MoTeC but it crashes snd gives me a minidump so i have changed it back to the original untampered one... no more minidumps but i dont have any MoTeC telemetry or even LCD displays
  6. Are u running in 16bit colour mode?
  7. Try pressing the "3" key. In GTLegends it switches on and off the Motec display. Maybe its the same in GTR2 and EVO.
  8. yeah im running 16bit, since my eyes dont see a difference between 16 or 32 i run 16 for better frame rate. Do i need to switch to 32bit to get LCD display in the cockpit??
  9. yes

    And framerate gain with 16 bit is marginal.
  10. thanks johan... PROBLEM SOLVED... its like playing a whole new game, now all i do is cycle through the data while and driving and crash from the lack of focus...