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PC Last place where i ask for help (tried all)

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by kinez777, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. I have bought for one month brand new Logitech g29 wheel and it has only 870 wheel lock. I can turn to 900 but to 870 go smooth and than i need a bit more force but when i calibrate wheel in assetto corsa, Project cars or ETS2 it can only calibrate 870 degrees... When i push the little button to ps3 than it goes smooth to 900 but than i can play on pc and i have no ps3 and dont want to buy. i tried set a new profile in LGS software, Write to Logitech support but they dont answer me (i write for 3days), tried to reinstall assetto, reinstall LGS, downgrade LGS, all drivers are up to date, preform full scan with avast premier(15 hours scan) but no help... I have acer notebook with i7 2.80ghz and geforce 940m. I have another old laptop that have windows 7 but it stays... What else can i do??
  2. The wheel has to be in PS3 mode to work on PC, and 870ish is normal for Logitech wheels. What exactly is the problem?
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  3. Odd, my buddy has a G29 and it wouldn't work in AC or Iracing until he put it in PS3 mode. Sorry for the bad advice, I will have him double check what setting he is using the next time we speak.
  4. Zombieinfected can you tell me or post a pic of your adapter because when i have bought wheel they sent me adapter with 3 plugs (my English is not so good that i can good explain) and i have 2 round hole plug in my wall and then i have bought another that suit that..
  5. this is adapter what i have had and i have nowhere to plug it and than i have bought not whole adapter than just this two hole plug... Can it make a difference i really dont know
    adapter.JPG adapter2.jpg
  6. That is the power supply.
    I have one like the one on the right.
    If you don't have power to the wheel, it can't auto calibrate a couple of spins when you plug it into the usb.
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  7. i have also that on the right and when i plug the wheel it calibrates itself all to 900 degreess
  8. And your Logitech Gaming Software is running?
  9. of course, but when i went to logitech support there is too much customers complains of their products that dont work properly. i think that they have not enough time to answer to all of them, today is 4 day that i wait for answer
  10. Have you tried it in another game? (Just to check if it actually is the G29 - and not Assetto Corsa that is acting up)
  11. Project cars and ETS2. In project Cars where i must calibrate my wheel i can perfect see that it has only 870 degrees lock
  12. If you're seeing the same behavior in multiple games sounds like it's faulty hardware. I had a similar issue with my first g27 and spent 2 weeks trying to figure it out. In the end I returned it and bought another one. The second one worked perfectly right out of the box which leads me to believe the first one was faulty. Logitech is not known for great quality control.
  13. How many degrees does the LGS show on the steering wheel axis?