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Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Rowddy, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. i just did some offline practises because i feel i'm not quite good enough for online racing. Now i just complete some lap in a '07 Leon on the '79 le mans circuit in 4.15.737 with an average speed of 185.779 kph.

    I would like to know how am i doing? Is this bad, average or good?

    Please feel free to comment i wanna learn something.
  2. i've no idea about leon times on that track... but, mate, get online as soon as you can - even if you think you're not fast enough... as long as you can keep your motor under some form of relative control and can drive according to club guidelines then do it... there's nothing like competing against real people and you'll honestly always find yourself amongst people of your level... am sure many of the new guys that have been in your situation can testament to this :D
  3. No Idea either about the times but as a newbi as myself you need to get out there and practise races and then the times will come eventually, lern a track then race it online with others. good luck.
  4. Ok i will give it a try this weekend i was just being curious i hate being the chicane for all the others.
  5. -Start time attack mode with some popular track.
    -Load some pretty fast online time attack
    -Race against it
    -If it is way too fast (you are several seconds slower), load a slower time attack
    -Beat the time attack you have loaded by examining where you are slower
    -Load a faster one and repeat..

    Thats how I improved my speed when I first got this game.

    And don't worry if you cant beat the best online time attacks, speed like that is not needed to be a good online racer.
  6. Yes, as the above posters "posted", go on-line, definitely... ;)

    For long I played GTR2 vs. the AI, did many SPA 24h events and full championships with 100% race length...

    Being an adrenaline addicted from shooters, when GTREvo came along I decided to give it a go online with racing sims, ... never went back ;)

    Just as an example, for those who don't go on-line for whatever reason, yesterday I joined on WTCC PAU server (20 laps pro).

    I had never raced on that track, or for all that matter, neither had I driven the WTCC SEAT...
    Entered the race on the practice section, kept my eyes front & on the mirrors, tried to leave the trajectory for those who knew and give it a go on following them. After 3 laps and a few encounters with the walls I could drive without being a liability to the server. Comes the end of practice and qualifying (about 14 laps) I clocked the 13th time (there were 8 behind me).

    On the race itself, basically there were 3 groups...
    Those of the front who I could never keep the pace (taking into account my experience on that track and my default setup with a few modifications), the mid group where I fought to hang on to it and had lots of fun during the long race and a back group of guys that most likely weren't used to PRO lvl or had to do an extra pit-stop but I'm sure they too were having a good fight for those last places.

    Coming the end, 20 laps after the start, and now knowing PAU’s each corner well, even ended on the pts without making a complete f$#& ?! and not being a liability to no one.

    The bottom line is that if you follow the gentlemen’s driving rules you will be more then welcome and I'm sure you will have fun, even when you are in front, lapping slower racers is part of the race and many times it will just “spice up” the event... when the things for whatever reason end in misery, just use the magic word *sorry* and gain experience from it ;)

    This post has become too long, I’m sorry, but before I finish (or it would be to ideal), I must say that most likely anyone will also have “bad” moments … you will find people that just join to ruin the others day (as you find anywhere), total losers… they cheat, they do “do or die” on fist corner on a 20 laps race, they try to knock you out, “a mirror” or a “blue flag” are total unknown concepts to them and so on… with luck you will be driving on a PUBLIC server with a good ADMIN who can BAN anyone ruining the other’s online racing experience like I’m starting to commonly experience on a few known good PUBLIC dedicated servers.
  7. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

  8. online racing is worth the occasional wrecker you get on public servers - it feels like much more of an achievement when you get past someone who is racing quite competitively.
    I have "sorry" bound to a button on the wheel for the occasional (or not so occasional) mistake. :D
    Just one point - make sure you watch the replay before assuming an accident was someone else's fault. From your perspective things often look very different to how they actually are. Was recently racing on nurburgring gp on the first lap when someone rammed me off the road a huge distance. I couldn't tell who it was but I was a bit annoyed as it spun me and put me right near the back of the pack. When I watched the replay I realised how it was probably my fault more than his - I'd just gone slightly off at the previous corner and tried to get back on to the racing line with him coming up behind me. I couldn't see him due to a restricted view with another car behind me, but from the replay you could see I had cut right across the track to get into the left-hander, straight into his path. He actually came out worse than me from it too.
    On the other hand you can think something is your fault during the race, then watch the replay and realise that it was mostly the other person.

    Moral of the story is keep to the line your on near the start if you can't see behind you. It's really helpful to view replays to see how you can improve.

    Then the next race you see something like this which seems to be clearly deliberate:
    [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QrmKFVIUMxs[/media]Someone named pasl decided to take the shortcut that people take in Project Gotham, right into the back of me. I found it quite funny watching the replay though. The way he drops off the track like a homing missile targeting me. watch the mirror in the first view or you'll miss it completely
  9. thanks for all the info everyone:) i'm not a beginner though, i just never raced online (except for Live for speed).

    But i have another problem:frusty: my Copy of this game which i bought in Bangkok (that's Thailand) doesn't have a online version included. I bought a boxed version in a shop but beginning to doubt if i have been conned into an illigal version. i had the official Race '07 game also and there it was included. does anyone ever hear of such a problem?

    I'm afraid i have to buy this game again:censored: as for now i can drive only offline and that works 100% correct though. i also have no Steam included (which isn't a bad thing). So i tried to put it manually into Steam which worked but still i get no online connection. Browsing over the Forums i saw that there was an update through steam which i also didn't receive. is ther a way to DL to manualy?

    I hope my fear about buying a new copy is wrong but i have serious doubt in the meanwhile.

  10. bought a copy in bangkok?Sounds to me that you got a pirated copy.
    What do you mean when you said you manually added it to steam? If steam accepted the serial number then you should be able to download the game thru steam and also get all the updates. And if steam accepted the serial number then it's a legit copy.

    ZOGGER: Never seen that before(could be because I have only raced against fair racers). Talk about cutting the track.
  11. No what i ment was i could import it into Steam so if i play i can play through Steam (at least i think that because it's there with the rest of the online games) but there was never asked for a serial number. Well i bought it in bankok because i come there a lot i (i'm married to a thai) and i bought games before there but this is the first time that something goes wrong.

    it sounds that they sold me a perfect copy (it looks original i every way) but thailand is the land of the cheap imitation in many thing designer clothing, watches and now also games lol.

    I gotta get me a new copy now from GTR-Evo this time i buy it in Holland :)
  12. Have you tried the "official" GTREvo Forums at RSC ?
    There is quite a bit of useful information there...
  13. No i haven't mate, i go check it out tomorrow. thanks for the tip.
  14. Unless you're an Alien don't aim for the fastest BMW times, a good time is about 2-3 seconds off those.
  15. hehehehe then i still have the speed of a turtle. maybe i should try it with a Red Bull skin hehehe it supposed to give you:flypig: wings:)
  16. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Thats the spirit :thumb:
  17. Yes… and try “relaxed driving” ! :peace:

    Be gentle in, gentle out, let it flow, feel the texture and power grow :D

    For instances, Nordschleife; here is a "Man’s" track wish is made so one can be gentle…

    On my days of “flight yoke” driving I did 6:36 with the C5R and my hand was in dire pain after 2nd lap… now on my “G25 with clutch” days, comfort is the word of order but I do 10 seconds more, wish usually equals to a mid grid start (slowly I will be there)… doing a fast lap is one thing, racing is another.

    If you drive relaxed, drive a relaxed car (lots of low rev tork) and have a corresponding setup (I’m a religious follower of the good setup guide provide here, btw thanks), on reasonable lengthy race (about 30 mins or +) you will likely pass by those aggressive ultra fast drivers wile you flow between their "spin ins" or/and "spin outs" that they usually do on the 1st or 2nd lap and most likely be on the podium when the race comes to a close.
  18. Well that's true what you say. I must say i'm not the fastest driver outthere but i'm a very constitent driver i no make much mistakes and if i drive online with Live for speed i usually go in the first corner as last or almost driver but although i hardly ever win a race i manage to finish most of the times in the top 5 of a race. just by not making a lot mistakes or avoiding accidents.
    How often did i let someone pass me without a fight and saw that driver a few corners or a lap of even some laps later going out of a crash. I race for the fun and for my own satisfaction of knowing that i raced a clean race ( although accidents can always happen).

    Looking forward of seeing you guys out on the track in the near future. first i must go buy a new copy of race-evo next month (see earlier reply in this thread).