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Laptime feedback please

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Jason Dewhurst, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. Ok so far I have adjusted camber, tire pressure...still a work in progress.

    Track: Knutstorp
    Car: Audi A4
    Time: 1:06.58

    I done about 13 laps in practice and another 3 laps in qualifying, got pole but got dq for not changing tyres, for some reason the pit stop I did...didnt change my tyres =/

    So what do you think about the time?

    please note this is my first attempt at a setup and my first time playing race on.
  2. havent driven Knutsorp much, but what i do, to check my times are competitive or not is play Time attack mode, with 12 litres of fuel. you can upload your fastest laps online, and download other peoples fastest laps to see how you can improve your braking points and lines. I know theres some really fast guys on there some RD members are on the highscores, including me. I will have a go of Knutsorp later today or tomorrow and upload my fastest time if i can get in the top 100.

    For setups, theres a nice guide thats been stickied here on the forum, or you can try some of the setups that other people made. If you dont see any, then find a similar car (for same track if possible) and copy its settings, Then give a bit of tweaking in line with what the setup guide tells you. Thats what i do.
  3. Just done 8 laps in the Audi A4 and got 1:04:240 (Pro and Manual). The Setup i used was a tweaked version of Simon Trendalls Seat Leon for Estoril. Try loading that setup and play with it, its a really good base setup for FWD cars in general. I've uploaded my time attack, but it says i'm 91/100 place, but for some reason i dont see the other 90 times on the list, not seen this happen on any other track so maybe its just a glitch on the server at the moment.
    Keep trying tho, also, i know theres a lot of TA times to beat on the WTCC season Tracks and cars, they will definateley teach you a thing or two about driving. Setups really only gain you at most 2 seconds off your lap time, through being able to take better lines. but mostly taking bends right, and braking points are the thing that gets you the most time.
  4. RD has some leaderboards with laptimes on a plethora of circuits just look here.

    Although having said that there are no times for Knutstorp but still useful to you for comparing laptimes at other circuits. Idd that there are no time for Knutstorp though.
  5. I got some work to do then, cheers guys...

    I am using ramons guide myself to do my setups as this is more advanced than shift which is what I am used to but im liking race on better.

    ill try a bit more and change a few things, dont really want to change too many things at once as it can do more harm than good.

    I was hitting 1:09 in practice but after changing the camber and judging my lines a little better I managed the 1:06 I am sure I can get better.
  6. mmm i wasnt far off the pace then, put me in a decent car...
    Ring Knutstorp Adam Vaughan Alfa Romeo 156 01:03.686 Qualify 2009/07/16
  7. Ok I took the advice and done a few tweaks, the differenterial and brake bias has been altered slighty and I gained a second which is pleasing to see.

    New Time: 1:05.097
  8. To Jason and anyone else new to RD :-

    The leader boards are great for seeing yourself on and getting an idea of what is a really fast time.

    One thing I see over and over, are posts about people bringing their driving up to a competitive pace before they enter any RD events. I think this comes from the impression that were all seriously fast and will look down on people who for whatever reason are not a quick as everyone else.

    This could not be further from the truth, the only time people in RD events will look down on you or not be happy about you being in an RD event is if you disrupt their race DELIBERATELY. Even if your slower than a snail on track, so long as you don't block the leaders as they lap you and give Respect and Roadspace to other players then your guaranteed to get it back, usually more so because some of these guy are so skilled and it shows even when there lapping you.

    In short - if youv'e joined the club - join some events - or the casual servers - best at first to start from the back anyway (even if you can qualify near the front) and easy into the first turns - I guarantee, no matter how many hours you spend practicing, its when your in a server with 20+ other RD members that the real practice and learning begins, so don't be afraid or feel you have to meet a standard, find an event, make sure you have the cars and track(s) for that event if there not standard in game ones and have some fun..

    For example - last night I felt like a race - checked the racing club - and saw that very few had signed up for the Escort V8 race at Rouen Les Essarts - I posted can I join about ten minutes before the event (official practice) start - then downloaded the Escort V8 mod and installed it (already had the track) - then joined the server - OK I wasn't fast, even though I used Yves' setup which he had shared in game - one of the other players even dropped back when he realised he couldn't catch those in front of him, to race with me (thanks again Dennis) - that about sums up how being active in the club races is - great people great racing great fun. So sign up and join in, sooner rather than later, you won't regret it.
  9. Im not particularily fast driver, sometimes i know i'll come last, but then i'm surprised because a lot of really good drivers crash as they are pushing the limit too much. Hang in there, take it slow and consistent, build it up. You will get results by just finishing the races. All too often i see a quarter of the field crash and Esc out, i wish they didnt do that because it less cars on the track, i'd much rather have driving, but maybe broken cars limping around the track trying to finish.

    Good post Dave, and Good luck Jason :smile-big:
  10. btw that a nice fast time 1:05, 1.5 seconds off! Niiiice!!! :)
  11. My bad sorry...thought it would be nice to post this and ask for advice...must of been mistaken....
  12. That was in the cold lap competition so no practice, simbin setups only.

    I've done a 1:02.2xx in the A4, but that was ages ago so I could do a low 1:01 now I'm pretty sure.
  13. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    I think Sander was down to 0:59 last year in the Beemer :alien:
  14. Bram, Sander is catching up to u then, :D.

    Jason, ask away mate, i think Dave was just trying to give some good advice that its not all about laptimes, its racing too mate, but then maybe u already know that.
    Looks like we got a little bit of work to do to catch Sanders time lol. Never raced him myself tho, i bet he runs outta fuel after lap 1 all the time but sets the fastest lap every time :D
  15. Knutstorp, Audi A4 1:03.9, helps off and no foreign setup.
  16. Jason - No need to aplogise, you did nothing wrong asking for advice, or posting it on the forum, sorry if my words made you feel that way it was not intended.

    Hope to see you in game, Dave.
  17. I am not ready to play online againsr RD Club members, Solely because In a ai championship I have the odd collision with them....but thats mainly because they take lines wrong and too slow....take the series of gear 2 sequences I can go quite fast through them and the ai doesnt...the outcome im either on the grass after avoiding the crash or my car is toppled over lol.

    I am a competetive and perfectionist racer always have been, I always try to break people lap records...hence the word..try.

    The reason I came to RD was because of the tons of online races where people preferred to use my car as a brake instead of there pedal =/

    I am going to buy Race On tomorrow (I downloaded it last night to see if it was worth the £30 pricetag) So I will be able to connect online...although runing 2gb on vista is going to hurt me.

    Normally I just buy the games but after buying shift I said to myself...test before i buy from now on...(yes i think shift is poor in ai/handling sense)

    Oh by the way, Was wondering if someone could test the audi A4 on knutstorp in second gear I am unsure whether the ration needs changing or part of the suspension because on the type hill chicane before pit lane my second gear revs and doesnt want to go into 3rd gear.

    I am probably losing at least a second there.
  18. We all have the odd collision, thats racing.

    You were ready to play online against RD Club members the day you came here, when YOU choose to actually race is up to YOU, but remember - only 1 can have the pleasure of the win, its him and the other 24 having the fun of the race that really matters..
  19. Thats a true statement, Ill get my copy tomorrow and try not to embarass myself :)
  20. Jason,

    you won't embarrass yourself. I'm also a newbie, bought Race On and a wheel about 3 weeks ago, and since I participated two wednesday night races, and trust me, it's way more fun, than against AI. You can learn much from the faster drivers by following them, looking their braking points, lines etc.
    I advise first to get familiar with the cars handling and the tracks, with the default setups you can go quite fast laps.
    I practiced for the online races by running 1 or 2 offline events. With this you will be confident on the track, will know the gear ratios needed etc.
    There are many different skilled drivers, so you will find an opponent to fight with...:lashes: