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Lapped drivers stopping in the middle of the racing line

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by Gabbynaru, Nov 5, 2013.

  1. Yeah, so, as the title says, the AI is really dumb this year. I finally started my career at Lotus (after working on the tyre wear mod). Sounds good. First race, I started last due to a slip up (skipped session from practice straight to race by instinct), so, I didn't lap that many drivers (finishes second). Race two, Sepang, pole position, great race. I won, but:

    - I ran into the back of Maldonado because he was in first gear in corner 7 (he moved out of the way on that short straight, then jumped on the racing line - as a side note, he wasn't blue flagged on the map, as I was at least 2 seconds behind).
    - A lap later, Bottas started pushing me off the track at corner 9, then stopped in front of me in corner 14, after running full speed throughout the distance between those corners.
    - A couple of laps later, Nico Hulkenberg broke aggressively in front of me, before corner 14, nearly ran into his back.
    - Next lap, Esteban Guttierez held me behind him for a whole lap (I usually pass easily, but Esteban was "moving out of the way" in front of my passing line. Always.)
    - Last lap, I nearly ran into two Marussias and a Caterham in turn 7, as they all decided to stop there, just like Pastor.

    So, did any of you guys encounter such idiotic AI so far? Or it's just me having the bad luck?
  2. No.
  3. Yeah it happen to me sometime :coffee:
  4. Happens here as well. They choose the weirdest times to stop in the middle of the track.
  5. SCR


    What they should do is the opposite of whatever they did, it would have to be better.

    I usually run up on them on a straight, but they get close enough to a corner and jump on the throttle and into the racing line right in front of me, and chicanes, oh chicanes, they park in the middle. If it wasn't so annoying it would hilarious.
  6. I currently doing practice session in monaco and sometime those ai like not sure what they should do when i approaching, sometime they stay on the racing line and suddenly move aside when i already too close trying to pass them from beside.
    Luckily this not always happen, most of the time they doing ok ..
  7. Yesterday, during Q2 in China, I was doing pretty well, but on my hotlap I caught up in turn 10 with Grosjean on his out lap. He was VEERY slow, but he wouldn't move off the racing line. It's a pretty fast corner, so there's not much time to react - I dove to the inside (compromising my exit speed) and... hit the Lotus, that had JUST moved to the inside, out of the racing line... +10 places on the starting line for causing a collision.
    And to add insult to injury, in turn 11 (yup, the same lap) I caught up with Button (very slow and on his out lap as well), took the inside line and... got hit from the outside by the McLaren. And guess what - another +10 places on the grid... :rolleyes:
    So, yeah - I'll be starting last...
    And the AI really IS dumb when it comes to lapping and moving out of the way.
  8. You know what bothers me? That this has never happened in F1 2012 (at least here, not sure about you guys). I mean, like, what the heck, Codemasters? Remove the masters in your name if you suck at making AI coding.