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Lap times

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Veselko Lakobrija, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Hey all
    I gotta a question which requires a certain level of honesty:
    Comparing to official track records, times set by real drivers, how do you compare with them in game?
    Personaly, in TT i beat that time by almost a full sec on certain tracks others alot lower, in race 3-4 100s or just about the same time IF matched on other tracks, out of few tracks i actualy drove.
    This was pre-patch, NO 11/11 settings, didnt like the car behaviour with it (Yes, i admit. I tryed just so i can have competative edge :oops: )

    This is kinda usefull info specially since we need to deal with car set-up all over again
  2. I think that almost everyone does better since you won't be in the hospital in case you hit wall during the game.
  3. :D:D I know as much.... experienced it myself.:)
    Was looking for more concrete answer, actual times...
  4. I did São Paulo in about 1:09:6 in career . Montoya's record is 1:10. Just saw today's Webber with 1:13 making P1.
  5. Cool. You´re about 0.5 sec faster then me, which basicaly means there is nothing wrong with car setup, just my driving :cool:
  6. Was playing last night online at Interlagos and managed either a 1.07.9** or 1.08.1** in Quali. For some reason cant remember what one :) Thats with sims on and assist off.