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Mods Lancia 037 Evo2 1984-1985 4K 1.2

DiRT Rally Lancia 037 Skin Martini Jolly Club totip Chardonnet 4K

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  1. Fantastic , I already was hoping someone was making this Martini skin and then you came up with it. This is the skin that suits 037 best. Greatest car in DR(on gravel stages) imho. Thanks so much mate!

  2. Magnificent just man, Bravo!!!
  3. Missing : rearside - autograph NITRO&C, hood - number, side mirror - not white, tire - PIRELLI logo.
    I will update with another livery.
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  4. Nive job, but with that update you want to do, you should correct another thing in addition of what you said : the wipers (both blade and arm) are black, not white IRL
  5. Thanks for your report, I have done.
    037 Rally Martini 1984_5.jpg
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  6. DAMN IT

    .....you just gave me an orgasm
  7. Excellent work! Can't wait for the update. Thanks!

  8. Could somebody please give me a step by step guide to get car skins into the game. I have tried all sorts of ways but always end up with
    the plain car livery I started with. I have been downloading the skin then unzipped it and then dragged and dropped it into the the game
    File ie for the Peugeot 306 livery 41 then . Also dragged and dropped textures high and low into the game file. But I still get the white car on stage. Many thanks.
  9. Well, from the downloaded file I just put the '037_tex_high_40.pssg' in (in my case):
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\DiRT Rally\cars\models\037\livery_40\textures_high
    and let it overwrite it.

    Then I choose the black # 40 car(the 6th livery) ingame and there you have it, the Martini Lancia.
    I hope the update won't take long:)

  10. Thanks Robin. I will give that a try. Fingers crossed.
  11. Hi Robin.

    Thanks all sorted. Now enjoying new car liverys in game. Awesome .

  12. The new version is still not ready ? :(
  13. Work in progress.
    037 Rally totip WIP.jpg
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  14. Excellent. Just excellent work. Thanks again.

  15. Well that was fast, did not expect it at all!
  16. TAKbooh updated Lancia 037 Evo2 1984-1985 4K with a new update entry:


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