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Lamborghini Murcielago 2001 V2.0

Discussion in 'Racer Cars' started by Mr Whippy, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. Well, the Lambo needed an update.

    Grab it here:


    For those who can use exe files, the config.exe brings up all the factory colour options to choose from, and you can also toggle the kph/mph dials, and gearbox types.

    If you can't use the exe file, then in the fscommand folder please find batch files that run ini.exe (Racer ini editing tool). These are named appropriately so you can change the paint colours or dials by using them.
    If you can't even run ini.exe or don't trust the bat files, then open them and copy the data manually (sorry, I'm not going to use Raven variants any more, just too clunky and limited)

    Main release known issues are:

    Projected lights for night driving not optimised, they work, but maybe unreal values. Nights seem broken in Racer for now anyway.

    Some textures (tyre sidewalls) need improving.

    Still missing a front wiper... oops!

    Handling isn't perfect. I'm unhappy with the balance. But Racer needs to mature more before I can get it right.

    I'm looking at unrealistic pacejka curves (just softening lateral falloff) to make handling nice for computer use, but unrealistic curves cause bad lat/long force mixing, and nasty pushy understeer at the high tyre slip amounts(stopping you being able to do donuts for example)
    Realistic curves improve things, but there still feels to be something wrong, which is why I've settled for a half-way place.
    Generally, realistic curves are hard to drive anyway, but in the Murcielago's case it is just not right.

    Hopefully a new Racer tyre model is around the corner which should help things!

    Big thanks to Cosmo for help sense checking with the physics improvements, and for his nice new car.ini layout which works really well in my opinion. Without his help Boomer would be going mad now with qlog errors from car.ini related items :D

    Any bugs/issues etc please let me know via this thread.

    NOTE: Please *read* the readme.txt for installation details, there is a shader file that needs putting in the Racer shaders directory! (should be a default Racer shader really)

    Linky for the config.exe build file (config.fla Flash file)


  2. Great, great, great! Way better than default Murcielago :) I´m bowing down, Dave :rolleyes:

    But I noticed few strange things:
    -seems like "light.tga" or am I wrong?
    -sound code needs better transitions, I should work on that :cool:

  3. Feels a lot more responsive than the old Murc, much easier to powerslide too :p

    Helped me notice an interesting problem with reflections, though... you can sometimes see the backfires reflecting off the hood when driving in hoodcams.

    Config.exe might benefit from showing current shifter value, I couldn't see any indication of what it's using. But I don't know how tricky that'd be to set up.
  4. Thank you for the release, it's impressive. Config.exe is excellent, works properly in Linux (under Wine, of course)..
  5. Error/ Radeon HD 4850, Racer 0.8.32

    Attached Files:

  6. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Damn.. I really need my steering wheel lol.

    Great work Whippy! The config is brilliant.. we really need that on more cars. :)
  7. You need to copy the shader from the cg folder in the car install folder, to the Racer shader folder (instructions are in the readme.txt)

    Yeah, life gets difficult doing things like that. Right now the code is just to run a bat file.

    If you are unsure you can just select again as it's really fast.

    Think of it a little as a proof of concept for how nice that would be in the Racer car selection menu or something... I didn't want to get too bogged down making it all really powerful when really this stuff should be in Racer to start with!
    Hopefully Ruud will look at it and get inspired for how it can be done as part of his UI!

    I'll post up the fla for people to look at so they can make their own config.exe or whatever.


  8. Cosmo was complaining about the long ratio, and suggested a shorter one, so we basically spent about 6 hours looking for the proof we needed to be assured our assumptions were good, and then settled on the new final drive ratio.
    It's basically going off speedo/rpm gauge correlations from Murciealgo's, but they were hard to find as most stuff now is of the LP640 or SV!

    It's still long, just not as long, and it really helps it feel a bit more perky in the lower gears :)

  9. WOW. That is definitely one of the best CG cars i have driven. but aside of that how do i make a new AI race line?
  10. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    Hai Dave,
    THX for this great update!
    I have one problem, but i'm not sure if i do some thing wrong.....all time i push the brakes the car spin out over the rear end...
  11. What controls are you using? Mouse, keyboard, or wheel?

    If you reduce the rear braking force it will make the car more stable, but obviously less good at slowing down.

    Or, try reduce braking into bends.

    Many real cars will bias the braking forwards as they brake hard, or use ABS or such computers to control rear wheel slip ratio, but unfortunately in Racer we can't do that yet.
    So the setup is a compromise to get the right power straight line braking, but it does cost with a less stable corner braking performance.

    Another issue might be the engine braking. This is quite high in this car, so just try to not have braking from wheel brakes, and lots of engine braking, while turning into a bend quickly.


  12. you can script something that makes the brake balance dependent on the brake power

    this is from the top of my head:

    rcar $car = get local car
    string $cmd
    while 1
      cmd = "brakebalance " + (0.4+get $car brake*0.2) // or the other way around ??
      send $cmd to console
    I love the car !
  13. I'm not sure if it uses brake power.

    The old Peugeot 306 for instance, used a device on the rear trailing arm suspension to adjust the brake bias, so as it pitched under hard braking it reduced the braking power, but obviously it was pitch based.

    I guess a car like the Lambo might use steering and yaw sensors to control bias too?

    Is there a nicely formatted list somewhere of the parameters above that we can use? It might end up being that steering angle might be a better way to generate stability during steering and braking?!


    What is the remit of the scripting?

    Could I for example alter engine.max_torque and wheel0.power_gearing between certain values dependent on steering angle too for instance? Ie, make it more awd when steering, and more rwd when pointing in a straight line?

    Those two would really help the Lambo out I think. The static bodged torque split does the Lambo no favours I don't think, and the brakes are hugely dependent on getting the rears working to stop well in straight lines, but a liability braking while steering :D


  14. enter "doc scriptfuncs" in the console to see the availble scriptfunctions in rsx scripting..
    I will add the functionality to adjust engine.max_torque and wheelx.power_gearing and brakebalance (without going through the console) in rsx scripting ...
    steerangle is already available :)
  15. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    Hai Dave,
    i use a DFP...
    I does some laps more and it comes better...maybe i pushed the brakes to hard.....but i had this on other cars some times too.....

    ok...found some thing....
    It's all time when i start racer and does not use the select car menu...
    At this time i get a shader fail too...all cars have no envmap....see pic...

  16. Bit of a noob question, but how exactly do I generate and run a script?

    Don't seem to be having much luck so far :D

    I've dropped the code you posted in brakebias.rsx, and tried to compile and run from racer scripts dir, car/scripts/paint dir etc, but no luck at all. Can't see file if I try compile, won't run an RSX as it stands.

  17. Create this path in a car or track folder:
    <car or track>/scripts/paint

    create an ascii file with .rsx extension ...

    tested script:

    rcar $car = get local car
    while 1 
    $car = get local car
      paint (get $car pos).x at float[2]{10,5}
    paint (get $car pos).y at float[2]{10,35}
    paint (get $car pos).z at float[2]{10,65}
    at runtime you can adjust the script and reload scripts with the console command "reload scripts" .. obviously :D

    have fun :)
  18. Great job Mr. Whippy!
    Brakes didn't glow so I adjusted for both front/rear wheels in car.ini.
    brake_dissipation=0.005 ;0.00007
    brake_heating=0.008 ;0.00002
    brake_max_temp=1000 ;750

    I too have a bit of a problem with the turns with the rear end wanting to be the front. I'll try the sugestions above. Otherwise the handling is great.
  19. First Nice job Dave. :)
    I was under the impression you were making an interior for this, no?

    The problem is indicative of what I've been complaining about for years, it feels as though someone filled the boot with cement. No matter what I do the rear tires take forever to recover. I CAN put way sticky tires on back and hide it but it's still there. Ah well, we're supposed to re-examine the physics after 0.9f.

    Alex Forbin
  20. Cool, that is working now.

    Just needed to add $ to the cmd on this line...

     $cmd = "brakebalance " + (0.4+get $car brake*0.2)

    Will experiment with steer angle and other variables now :D Yay!

    Cheers Alex. No interior no. I've got loads of projects all kinda doing things but going nowhere. This took enough time to re-work and make as nice as is reasonable, an interior would have been too much.
    Interior will come with my next proper car. M3 is just gonna get this kinda treatment too.

    Boomer, the brakes do glow, it's just very subtle.

    The current heating isn't really real value based anyway, so the numbers are kinda irrelevant, the look is what I tuned for :D
    If the visual script can be tuned so that we get from 20 > 500deg before they START to glow, then glow more orange the hotter they get, that makes sense, but right now brakes glow from 20degC onwards, which isn't ideal if you want to tune in real values.

    Tune to your tastes I guess... just I thought it looked a bit odd a Lambo having glowing brakes visible in daylight hours after just one stop :D