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Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4

Discussion in 'Racer Cars' started by camsinny, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. Hey again guys!

    So my next project is the new Lambo (Yes I know, I've still got the 458 and the MP4-12C to release...Fezza needs some ini work and Mc.L needs lots more work; both on ice atm). Started this as a challenge to myself, never really modeled a car without any prints at all...but when I heard that exhaust note for the first time I just knew this was going to be my next project.
    The inherent problem with modeling without prints is that you're not going to be correct. Therefore I'm reaching out to you guys to point out the errors in my mesh and proportions etc.

    Having said that, don't bother asking when it'll be done - it's done when it's done. I'm really looking for proper feedback on this, so be picky and be horrible.

    Pics coming soon...watch this space.
  2. Looks good so far! Not a single polygon out of place.
  3. Haha Fifty you ass...
    I'm not happy with my chamfers atm...the edges aren't tight enough. I've also not put in some lines and creases but just point out anything you notice. Thanks :)

  4. Rear quarter panel looks too straight in the first picture, I guess it's the trunk edge? Anyway, it curves more.

    The front panel's pretty much flat across the bottom. And the front lip of the hood is a smoother curve on the car than your model (the centerline shows it well)
    Yours kinda has a triangle where it should be another quad (middle of the 3 I drew). Also the topmost line's not straight enough in a couple perspective shots. Though this is a very tricky bit to understand.

    Third picture shows the profile of the roof to trunk well, it's smoother than your model.

    I think the rear window edge is too thick, as well.
  5. Thanks Stereo, the front bumper was indeed waay off. Had to re-do it about 4 or 5 times before I was happy with it. Fixed up most of the other things you mentioned too...I think. I'll update again tomorrow, but for now - sleep.

    Bugger, my domain's down for some reason...should be up again soon.

    Mud guard and around the light housing still needs work.
  6. Your mother wears army boots!

    Alway's doing easy projects LOL

    C pillar/airduct area doesn't look right. Too angular, the IRL pics appear more rounded.

    Maybe some plan wiremesh screenies would help us be critical?
  7. Hmm... definitely better.
    The same "top line" from my earlier diagram still needs to be rounded out - there's a crease in the metal outside the headlight, but it doesn't seem to result in quite as straight a line as you've got. I've drawn how the reflections kinda spread out towards that crease in the diagram below, as well.

    Also, a tiny bit of insight: the flat surface that goes round the front wheel - at the front it leaves a little point, and that's where the fold originates.
    Seems kinda messy in your model right now.
  8. Looks amazing man !

    Sure there will always be somewhere or somewhat a little detail that could be better made, but I wouldn't bother myself in getting everything 100% perfect.

    What I would really love to see, is one car made with all Racer features build in, something like the Baja dynamical suspension system & stuff like that...

    Anyways, good job, keep it up !
  9. fantastic job. I wish you'd write a tutorial for novice moders like myself. You've got obvious skill.