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Laggy Steering and Laggy Pedals

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Jason Pitts, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. I just picked up this game about a month ago and tried it with my G25 wheel and Clubsport Pedals which work great in RaceOn and Great in iRacing.

    However, the steering and the pedals lag significantly in this game. So much so that I can hardly drive the car. I have to anticipate braking and acceleration and even steering - it's crazy.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? If I can't fix this, I'll never play it this way. It's unplayable to me like this. I have experienced this on a console port in the past, but thought it was just that one game and gave up on it years ago. I figured this is a relatively new game and wouldn't have the same problem. Help!
  2. What are your controller settings in game? Got the deadzones set to 0% and linearity set to 100%?
  3. if he sets the deadzone to 0 i know what he means. i think codemasters did the handling for pad und wheel together so that console player kids can drive. i hate that too.
  4. Yes, I have all deadzones at 0 and the steering linearity is at 100. Still visible delay in inputs. Undriveable without having to learn how to anticipate all actions by about half to a full second. Crazy controls for a PC game.

    Any other ideas?
  5. you guy's have steering linearity at 100% lol no wonder you lag..... the lower it is the better and far more responsive, i have mine on 35%

    Try this, this is my brother's setup with the G25.*obviously keep the deadzone to 0% tho :)
  6. Seems counter-intuitive to me, but heck I'll try anything. I really want it to work well because the game looks really fun. Thanks for the settings!

    By the way, can't you share that Desktop Wallpaper too? :). Sizzlin'!
  7. 50% linearity corresponds to fully linear input and is highly recommended if you are using a wheel.

    Other than that, how is your framerate? If the game is running too slowly that can cause lag (F1 2010 is much more graphically demanding than Race On or iRacing). You may need to turn the graphics options down.
  8. And maybe try to turn off Vsync, both in OS and in game.. That can prove laggy in certain situations.. I had the lag the first time i turned on the game, but when i updated the logitech drivers, it gone better.. Now i have no lag, and my linearity setting is at 50% which works the best for me (tried 0 to 100, 50 is the most real feeling)
  9. Ok, thanks to you guys, I got the wheel feeling fine now. I have the linearity at 50% and the deadzone at zero and the saturation at 25 because I like it to turn only about 360 degrees. Steering is fine now and reacts right away to input.

    However, the gas and brake still lag though. If I am stopped on the track with the car in neutral, I can press the gas all the way down quickly and release it and then (after my foot stops moving) I can hear the engine rev up and go back to idle. That's pretty significant lag on the pedals. Any ideas to fix them? I don't see a linearity setting in the options for those? Maybe there is a linearity setting in a config file somewhere for gas and brake?

    By the way, I ran fraps to double check my frames per second and it never drops below 60 fps and it always seems very smooth. My system has a Sandy Bridge 2600K CPU and a Radeon 6970 card, running on a single screen. I don't have any frame rate issues that I can see. Plus, I'm really only driving alone on the track during my tests, so it's not like there's a bunch of cars around me on the track.

    I am also not running the Logitech Profiler software. I guess I can try that next to see if it makes a difference, but I suspect not since the wheel works fine now and I'm not using the logitech pedals.
  10. @ Scott - I meant saturation doh! Cant help noticing your bro has Centre spring set to 100%! Thats hardcore, he must like the wheel getting wrenched back to 12o'clock!

    Back to the OP, If you arent using the Logitech pedals, you do have the relvant software/drivers installed for your clubsports?
    When you look at the calibration (in windows), are the pedals responding correctly, instantly?
    Can you try the logitech pedals to see if they do the same as the clubs?
  11. I do have the pedal drivers installed and when I view them in the driver software, they do report accurately and in real time. I also use them for iRacing and RaceOn and never had a problem before. I can't try the logitech G25 pedals because I don't have them anymore.

    Is it just me, or do others have this same problem with the pedals responding with lag?
  12. I vaguely recall people posting about pedal lag on the Codemasters forum when the game was new. You could try searching there. I think it might just be the sound that lags though - try looking at the drivers feet and see if they move right away. And most importantly, does this actually affect your driving?
  13. I will check the codemasters forum. It definitely affects my driving! How can you judge braking points and get exit speeds right when you are constantly having to think about lag and timing. I suppose I could get used to it if it was the only game I play, but going back and forth between sims is too tough.
  14. Andrew, thanks so much for the advice to check the Codemasters forum. Duh, I should have checked there first I suppose, but I'm so used to forums like RaceDepartment being much better than a game's forum. :)

    Anyway, just thought I'd post that my issue with pedal lag is pretty much solved I think. It's so late now that I don't have much time to test it thoroughly, but after following the suggestion at the Codemasters forum for pedal lag, it is much much better! I think it is "almost" instantaneous now. I will do further testing later, but the quick and dirty result is that at least the car seems drivable now.

    For the curious: The solution was to disable the "Rapture3D" sound settings in the Audio menu in the game and use either the "Software" or the "Hardware" option. Believe it or not, this pedal lag is related to the audio in the game! Hard to believe at first, but when I actually tried it, there was a big difference. I have mine set to Software now because I have no Hardware option, and I think the lag is mostly gone, but there still seems to be a "little" bit still there. As I said, more testing later, but for now I'm pretty happy about the 2 test laps I did - feels much much better.

    Thanks everyone here for your suggestions and help! Gotta love the RaceDepartment forum community! :)
  15. Ah, now that you mention it I remember the issue. I have mine set to software too, I just forget about it. Glad you got it sorted.
  16. Skellignite

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    This fix is great, instant steering/gears/accelerator/brakes, nice.

    EDIT: Just tried this with no TC/ABS and it's a lot better, before I couldn't drive with these off and it only took a few laps to get used to it.