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Kubica Edges Closer To F1 Return

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by RaceDepartment, May 2, 2013.

  1. RaceDepartment

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  2. Chris

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    Most take a lot of courage to get back in a rally car after almost being killed in one.
  3. Fixed :)
  4. He should have taken the DTM seat. If he was a cat he would be on his last life now.
  5. Should he? In DTM you have just... yeah, 10 races, while in a rally car he can start in loads of rallies of different ranks and there are also tests during the year. He said, that he treats all those rally starts as part of his recovery, so I guess the more time he spends behind the wheel the better. He just wouldn't be able to drive that much in DTM.
  6. How many times has he crashed since he got back in a rally car? Atleast 4 times that i know of.
    And what sort of car nearly crippled him for life? rally car
    And what sort of car and event could do it again? rally car/event

    Yea...probably best to not drive a rally car when you barely made it out of one alive.
    It´s just a matter of time before he gets another shunt that´s as bad or even worse then the one he had.

    He has said he can drive an F1 car on some circuits, and some not. Maybe he should have been a test driver or got in touch with Mercedes or Renault, loaned a 2 year old car and go do some tests in a more controlled environment.

    I do get the idea behind "what do you do when you fall of the horse, you get right back up" but it´s to the point of playing with your future imo.
  7. Instead of arguing with that, I'll just put something that relates perfectly to my opinion. (2:50 onwards is the best part)

  8. You can take the boy out of the racecar but you cant take the racer out of the boy..!!

    Would certainly make a good news story in F1 compared to the Redbull-****.