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KS2 - Laguna Seca

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Tomas Torasen, Jan 2, 2011.

  1. Hi guys!

    I've been testing Laguna some tonight. I worked very hard to make a setup for it.

    Then for fun now I went back to default setup and immediatly shave off another second on my lap time. That should tell you how bad I am at making setups lol!

    So anyone of you have a good setup which you made a good lap time with?

    thanks ;)

    Here's my lap I did now. I drive a little safe and doing the last two corners very slow, so maybe 1,5-2 sec faster is possible for me with default setup and more practice on a really good lap . But still some time left for a good lap time.

  2. Setups in nKPro are much more like real life IMO. There isn't so much of this "This setup is good for xx laptime." The driver is good for the laptime and not the setup.

    The main thing with building setups is to develop it to make the car more comfortable for you, if it behaves in a way that is more comfortable for you to drive then you will be more confident and drive faster. The only real thing you can get from someone else's setup is some idea of correct wing levels and gear ratios for a given circuit.

    Me and Mattia are looking into this, as we both found from Suzuka that we got similar laptimes from very different setups. Our driving styles differ a great deal and I plan to look deeply into the telemetry to work out the differences in style that see us find speed.

    That's a different story, and something for after Bahrain and Monza coming up in the KS2.
  3. Well there are some tricks to be found surely as I learned from getting a few pointers from Laurent, although I agree with you pretty much.
    I lowered my lap time from 1,57 to 1,53 at spa by following his advice. And I know that is regarded as too much just from setup, but I have to say I was surprised by this myself that a significant difference in possible corner speed really was there.

    To me so far I'v discovered two different types of styles in driving/setups.
    One camp is those who like a very loose and oversteery setup, like Greger Huttu released for Suzuka. I believe both Lee Ross and you Jon liked that setup very much.

    Me and a couple others here couldnt drive it at all.

    Something else to consider is wheel settings and the kind of FFB you get from different brands.
    I know Lee Ross uses a fanatec wheel that has very different FFB than the G27 that I use. Also he is used to much larger degrees of rotation, 540 when I'm used to only 180.
    I recently increased that to 400 just for this sim and are trying to get accustomed to it to see if I might gain something from it.
    Logically it becomes much easier and controlled to drive more loose and oversteery setups this way.

    But still I'm trying to figure out what the real difference is in some setups that are very strange to me.
    I played around a little with some very different anti roll bar settings yesterday in the KS2 at Laguna, there's some serious time to be gained in some low speed corners in having it the opposite way that I'm used to, which sacrifices stability in other parts of the track.

    But to be honest, as I said I really dont have the knowledge to evaluate what to take advantage of in setups. Wish I did though.
  4. for all of you who like to compare different setups I suggest this TOPIC and relevant tool
    I'm sure it will be helpful Tomas :D
  5. 180 degrees is just insane. Way too twitchy for my liking tbh. I like a smooth tansisition of wheel movement and that's wy i favour 540 for all the open wheelers in NetKar and 900 for the Abarth. I'm guessing in real life Formula Fords may use 400 degrees so that may be agood point to set it at.

    If i was to drive the way i do and with my setups with 180 degrees i would bin it every lap. No way is the right way, it's whatever you feel comfortable with

    Same goes with FFB aswell, alot of guys have it so strong is silly. It then becomes canned and you can not pick out the subtle effects which help explain what the car is doing
  6. 180 degrees is, indeed, insane.

    I run 400 degrees for all the single seaters, it's about what they are in real life.
  7. 400° also for me, with less you have more difficulty to recover the car when it goes in pendulum (later weight transfer)
  8. Don't you think it's the reverse???
    FYI I use 270° which is a good compromise between 180 and 400!
  9. it depends in your steering lock, it's different if you distribute it in 400° wheel rotation or 200°
    I mean the in game wheel reaction is different, the less °rotation you have the more nervous car you get
    but I can be wrong, I'm not the best driver to talk about it ....

    anyway with 400° I feel more confortable :D
  10. The reason I used 180 degrees is because about 95 % of the gaming world (outside netkar and maybe some other sim) uses something around 180, to be competetive at the highest level.
    As you say, Alessandro. You adjust steering ratio/called steering lock in the car setup in many other games.
    The theory behind it is if the game simulates tire physics, you can always get a smaller steering lock in the wheels, with a lower steering lock in the steering wheel, which stresses the tires less, and also in several games with lacking physics you trick the game in "turning less" and have a huge advantage in corner speeds. There are other things to gain too like possibility to use very high diff settings which often are simulated wrong in arcade/sims.
    I drove our race at Suzuka and ended up 4:th this way, including a hugh crash that wasnt my fault, after playing this game a week. So cnat be that "insane" I think.
  11. Sounds like a cheat then. ;)

    You'll tell me you use auto-clutch next!

    Every single seater I have driven had about 400 degrees of lock, this is why I set it thusly, if they had 180 degrees it would have been difficult to stay on the track and I would have told my engineer that it was insane.

    Depends how much you care about realism really, I am quite mad when it comes to these things.
  12. What is a cheat? Using wheel settings, FFB and car setup to your advantage and not caring about the realism (more about winning the actual competition) is what it is about if you want to win in many racing games.
    If there is no rules about using cockpit cam, I believe many in sims also would use t-cam to gain an advantage in FOV. You see that alot in rFactor, more than that I dont know much about sims to be honest.
    Sure you can say that "this wouldnt work in reality" about much but then you are not in the competition (whatever it is) to win but for a personal experience, and cant expect to have a good chance to win.

    Yes I use autoclutch since my pedal set for my g27 is broken. I get brake input without touching the pedal, so I use the clutch for braking as a last resort (which sucks as there is almost no resistance) while waiting for a new set of pedals. And now I am a cheater because of that? I intend to use only cockpit mode, higher degree of rotation and manual clutch in this game because I play it mainly for the great experience of realism I get, surely not to be the best in the world or something with this small community as this game has. But I wouldnt go around calling people cheaters because they use different already available settings than me.
  13. lol, chill out... No one's cheating.

    I am more interested in the most accurate simulated driving experience I can get, winning doesn't matter (What do you actually get for winning?). It's just a bit of fun.

    tbh, the Formula KS2 only needs a clutch for the start, I would have thought you'd be better off not using auto and setting it to a button just to get better starts. But I dunno, you're not supposed to actually pay any attention to what I say you know!
  14. btw, in my insane mind this: ;) - Means I was joking.

    Just so you know.
  15. guys you have only different points of view about racing sim, you are both fair and good sim drivers :thumb:
    use our beloved nK as you like, the most important thing is that we have fun together, isn't it ? :D

    anyway we are OT, if you like to open a topic about this interesting question do it in the root of nK forum, here is the place for setups@track

    sorry if in any way I unleashed the discussion (I don't want to use 400° anymore :p)

    c'mon guys let's go, go, gooooOOOOOO !!
  16. yes it's no hard feelings, Alessandro, dont worry ;)

    If kept civilized it is actually an interesting subject. Remember that last race at Brands Hatch the winner used a game pad. Held lap times about 3-4 seconds faster than most people. The steering input range is even MUCH shorter than my previous 180 degrees.
    But as you said, Alessandro. Back to topic.

    I am still very interested in a good setup for Laguna Seca in KS2..
  17. This sounds interesting Jon, sorry Alessandro i know you said to keep on topic but just out of interest Jon, what do you race in real life? And how well does NetKar simulate open wheelers to them? I have always seen NetKar as the most precise when it comes to physics but i have never driven a real one but it gives me the feeling i would expect it to.

    I know you never gonna get the arse at the seat of you pants feel like real life but i'm just interested i spose.

    Nothing wrong with auto clutch btw
  18. Well what made my buy this game was the sense of realism. And I cant imagine driving the Shelby for example without using the clutch, which I look forward to very much. But yes people do what they choose.
    But what is faster I really dont know. How to get the perfect start in this game would be interesting to hear about. (now Alessandro will be angry ;) )

    In the Suzuka race, which was my first online race in this game. I suddenly realized I hadnt practiced starts, so I was practicing starts in the pit lane hehe during online practice hehe ;)

    Is it possible to make better starts in the KS2 by setting first gear much longer to avoid wheel spin maybe?
  19. what I mean Lee is that you (we) are opening interesting topics in the wrong place and all will be lost under miles of rows, so guys if you like let's open:
    1) topic about steering lock and driving wheel rotation
    2) experience of Jon (and other RD real drivers) in real and nK sim racing
    3) how start faster and safer :D
    try to keep all in the best way we can :thumb:

    let's share guys, let's share your experience
    I'm not searching the fastest guy I'm searching a core group :tongue:
  20. Sounds perfect mate