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Skins KS Mercedes C9 Kouros Racing 2015-03-27

livery of 1987 Le Mans race car

  1. schUPpor


  2. A few logos are misplaced (like the Group C sticker and Michelin man), the mirrors are one solid color and the blue feels a bit too strong but just like the Westlake Eagle, getting that shade right is not easy! I am looking forward to when the templates are released, I actually was going to paint this myself but my work is spared hahaha.

    Are you going to also make driver and pitcrew suits and helmet? The Kouros car in NR2003's GTP mod has good reference at least for the suit from the pitcrew, I can get you screenshots if you'd like.

    Thank you :).
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2015
  3. schUPpor


    I wouldn't call it 'misplaced' since the Kunos Model of the C9 differs in details from the references I have for the original Kouros C9 from 1987. Also I was amazed how hard it is to skin the DLC-C9 compared to Patrik Sander's Mazda 787b.
    And about the mirror - the model has only one mapping/mesh for both of them so you can only paint them both or none...
    I don't plan on doing driver or pit crew stuff, btw.