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Tracks Korea Full Track Update 1.0

Tarmac- Sponsors and run Offs V1.0

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  1. thanks !!!!
  2. No worries m8 ,,, I tried to ask for Help in answering a Question and got Groaned at,,,
    I am just Happy to Help others out If you have any Questions yourself about anything at all on the 2013 Game or you just need a little help then just ask;)
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  3. thank u very much!!!!besides, can u do that for every track > < ........ because i don't know how wo open pssg file.........
  4. now i can open the pssg file........but i really don't know how to do that..
  5. If you go to http://petar.outer-heaven.net/downloads/ And Download the PSSG Editor ,,
    Once you download it place the Entire file on your Desktop and leave it as his,

    If you then Open the selected PSSG File at the bottom it says EXPORT and IMPORT
    Export the Files ,
    Where ever you are located inside a Folder tracks/korea for example this is where the Exported files will be sent to ,,,

    The Exported Files Just open them inside Photoshop CS6 and Edit them,,,
    Do you Have Photoshop?
    If so but you have not edited the files Before you will need a Plugin from Nvidia,
    This is called a nvidia dds plugin this is found here https://developer.nvidia.com/nvidia-texture-tools-adobe-photoshop

    My Version is the 3D CS6 but the standard Version works just the same ,, But if you have the 3D Version you will need to Download both 32 and 64 bit DDS Plugins to open the File.

    Once you have edited the file Just reopen the original PSSG File that you exported the textures from and and at the bottom again just press IMPORT Textures;)
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  6. I just posted instructions m8
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  7. thanks ! it seemed very difficult to me ...but i will try ,thanks a lot buddy
  8. Just let me know if you have any issues ill try to help you as much as I can ,,,
    A German Guy on Steam asked me this Question last month I spent 4 Hours with him helping him set it all up and I even ended up on his PC with TeamViewer showing him how to work PhotoShop so just let me know about anything you do not understand and ill Help you set everything up ,,, Its always great to help out other enthusiasts:thumbsup:
  9. could u tell me which line is about the colour of the ground?

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  10. That file you are on is the Correct file m8 ,,, But there will be more than one file.
    When you first open the PSSG File before you export just count the amount of DDS Textures that you are going to Edit,
    On the Korea one I did I edited about 13 Textures
  11. Also Find some of the Mixed Textures they Have Grass and Tarmac , To get a Perfect Mod I always find these little bits just adds a little more Class;)
  12. For Overkill m8 ,, And to Aim High and add more realism Add some tire marks to the Track Apex,s Looks Great:thumbsup:
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  13. thanks !
  14. Hi ,sry for asking u so many questions,now i got some new problems...
    I compared ur pssg file to the original one,then i found that u changed striped_paint_d.tga
    marco_sponsor_tarmac_terrain_01_n.tga and so on................. but there's no striped_paint_d.tga in the pssg file of singapore.so what should i do? besides,u said you've edited about 13 Textures, what if i only edite 5 Textures? Will it still work?And i just can't understand why u have to edite so many Textures,I thought i just need to edite one Texture which is about the ground,Could u tell me why?thanks in advance
  15. I tried to use photoshop to edited a few Textures but seemed nothing changed..... Could u tell me how many Textures should i edited? And what are they?
  16. Each Track will have a Different amount of Textures I changed about 5 or 6 Tarmac Textures about 3-4 Mixed grass and Tarmac and 1-2 Striped Paint I also Changed the Striped Paint from 128 - 512 pixels for more resolution.
    Just check through them all so that all the Grey tarmac is darker.

    PS, Once you import the Textures that you Have Edited , In the top left you need to then Click on the Saved button , This I sometimes forget Myself when I am Rushing.

    Hope This helps:thumbsup:
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  17. got it! got it!!! thx buddy!
  18. really really thx,buddy!!! i made it......Although it doesn't look as good as urs,but i know how to do that. thx!!

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  19. To be Honest M8 ,,That Looks Just as good as Mine if not Better Great work!!!:thumbsup: