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Knight Racing 2011 car launch

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Chris Knight, Mar 10, 2011.

  1. The Knight Racing Group has unveiled there challengers for 2011, The owner of the Knight Racing and Knight International Racing team, Chris Knight and the media manager and team boss of K.I.R, Michael Gray pulled the sheets of their respective cars and then took to the Bahrain International Circuit, driving side by side and as close as possibe for the press. The other two drivers Ryan Walker and David Gracia, were unfortuntely unable to make it.



    Team Owner Chris Knight: Im very excited about this season as we have more of a chance of winning than previouse years. We now have a very strong team with some great drivers who will be pushing for points and wins. We have a new look car and some new sponsors who are expecting some good news to come from the team. Testing is going very well and are looking forward to the season opener in April.

    Team Driver/Media Manager: Michael Gray: As Chris said just recently i'm very excited about this season as it will be my first season after coming from a little fun league. Besides myself, We have 2 other inexperienced drivers for FSR but have come from other leagues, Ryan Walker and David Gracia, who both has raced in GRC, GP-O and Race 2 Play and NR2 respectively. All of us wants to be quick, we will be quick, and we are expecting to have one hell of a rollercoaster ride in FSR
  2. Great :D
  3. Great presentation and video, good luck for this season!
  4. Nice looking cars there Chris, Hope you have a great season ;) See you on track
  5. Sami Pesari

    Sami Pesari

    you guys got David Gracia?? cool and good luck for next year
    btw video was awesome!
  6. david is an awesome driver and im very glad to have him with us. Ryan is also a grat addition to the team. as is michael. Im glad to have such a strong team this year and were looking forward to the start of the season and making the work and what was almost a dissapointing end of the team into a great year
  7. Good luck for this season. From what I can see you use the brawn shape. Nice one :)
  8. hehe good video...b ut what was the crashing all about at the end of the clip?!!!!

    Hope you do very well this season guys GL from everyone at AeroF1.
  9. Gd luck and funny video. You guys already broke your cars though. :p
  10. Best of Luck - Very interesting to see Renault and Elf as sponsors... I would be very interested to know the method in which you signed those deals if you would be willing to share.
  11. Jordan is back on track :p