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Helmets Kimi Raikkonen Helmet Ferrari 2014 (HD) 1.0

Kimi Raikkonen Helmet Ferrari 2014 (HD)

  1. NICKRAY submitted a new resource:

    Kimi Raikkonen Helmet Ferrari 2014 (HD) - Kimi Raikkonen Helmet Ferrari 2014 (HD)

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  2. Lovely one. Absolute top class work. :thumbsup:
  3. Thanks!
  4. Great,just great! Well done,well done :thumbsup:
  5. ;)
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  6. will you made the alonso helmet, too ?
  7. badass, thx
  8. Awesome buddy.
    Great work.
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  9. thanks, topnoch :cool:job.
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  10. pls help to include these helmets in the game, i put the files in the folder and it isn't working please tell me the steps.
    it's an awesome helmet
  11. Milos

    Had things gone my way, who knows..

    Why? Do you put it in F1 2013 and export files from 4096 folder?
  12. Hmm i tried this with the 2014 mod, and when i select Kimi in a race, he wears Alonsos helmet, why is that?
  13. Because this mod isn't compatible with 2014 mod that's why.
  14. Aha, thank you very much (even though i noticed a tad of sarcasm in your reply....)!
  15. Because it's quite obvious that it's not compartible with that mod. Then the author would have already wrote that in the description of the resource.
  16. Forgive my logic here but the mod says "Kimi Raikkonen 2014 Ferrari Helmet"...So i understand that 2014 refers to the IRL season 2014, but why whould the helmet be made for lotus and go into the fe2-folder?
  17. This is more like a visual mod. I didn't say that it goes to lotus. I meant that if you use the 2014 mod then this helmet won't show up correctly. Secondly I don't know why do you want to use this helmet for the 2014 mod because this helmet was included into the mod. And pressing dislike is no way of understanding each other .
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  18. Haha, well since you started with a cocky comment, implying that everyone knows as much about f1 2013-modding as you, i'd thought i give you a dislike since you have a bad attitude towards newcomers :) I know you are something of a legend around here and was a bit surprised the way you treated a normal question from a beginning modder. I've been modding games since the mid-90s....so i usually know what i'm doing, just got bugged with this one.

    But as i noticed later, the helmet is included in Luna's mod :)
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  19. Well. I apologise for being rude. I just found it strange that you wanted to use this helmet in the 2014 mod while it's included in it. Believe me I don't want to behave like this with newcomers but obvious or how should I call it , badly formed questions force me to write in a way like that. Sorry , I will try to focus on being more polite in the future.
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  20. Thank you w1n1x! And you DID help, and you make awesome mods! :D Keep up the great work! And yes, i might have overread some infos in descriptions along the way to get my game up to 2014 status aswell :)
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