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Killer Understeer

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Ben Everard, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Hello All!

    I am racing in an Aston Martin DB9R on the Nordschliefe circuit, and it would appear my times are pretty bad because the car keeps understearing.

    Can anyone give me some pointers on how to setup my car to remove understear.

    Many Thanks :D

  2. Softer Front Anti Roll bar & Suspension and stiffer rears. Too far and you will induce power oversteer ;)
  3. Thanks, I will try it now :D
  4. before you cure understeer... you must figure out what is causing it...

    simply softening the front and sitffening the rear will not always fix understeer - it may simply make the car understeer in and snap oversteer out...

    motec is your friend.

    in the fast gt cars, its generally better to use the spring stiffness to set the cornering attitude/ride height balance (making sure the outside corner isnt bottoming, and that the front always rides slightly lower than the rear unless your accelerating out of a slow corner.

    use the suspension settings to keep the underside of the car low - but stable and always at a similar angle to the ground and youll discover serious amounts of grip to be gained through the diffusor.

    i tend to run my gt cars soft, with stiff arb's to help them stay level through corners.

    imho you can get more noticable cornering changes through messing with the differential than with the springs on the faster higher downfore cars...
  5. I made the changes Simon told me, and the car certainly seemed to understear less, and I felt better through the twisty parts of the track. Overtaking other cars was made a lot easier, but even on a good lap my times were no better than default setup.

    Any way I came second, my highest finish, despite spending 20 seconds spinning and landing on my roof at carousel.

    I will continue to tune it, see how much I can get out of it. I have seen laps of 6:30, that's what I am aiming for :D
  6. I read in other topic that You use xbox gamepad for driving so the first step is to use the wheel
  7. Yes I know its not perfect the xbox controller, when I have a spare few £££ I will but the logitech kit, but for now it will have to do :D
  8. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Thats not really true :) Also with a controller you can drive perfect corners in Evo, we have enough examples driving around here. No need to get a wheel at all.

    @Topic: you can also try to decrease the rear wing a little
  9. Generally from the default setups which to me are are horrible. I always start by softening the front springs. Less Front Anti Roll bar. See how that feels. If it seems to of helped try a little more. Then move onto stiffening the back and more anti roll. Alot of trial and error until you get somthing that is comfortable.

    Be sure to play with the rear differential. Unlocking it a bit will make exiting corners easier so you can run a looser setup.
  10. You can also get some help for the more powerful cars from the differential.

    Lower the coast setting until you can feel the turnin loosen up (pun intended) when you let up on the throttle. You can also lower the preload to get some of the same help. Keep in mind it only helps when your letting off the gas and depends on how much you let up.

    You also need to move the brake bias if you're carrying the braking into the turn. Carrying the braking in basically wipes out your turnin traction unless you reduce the amount of braking you're asking the fronts to contribute.

    It so happens that trail braking can actually help turn the car for you when you've got the bias biased to do so.
  11. A wheel will no doubt help in endurance racing, but regarding sprints, you can get away with a gamepad/flight yoke very well (even keyboard)...

    In my opinion the biggest "advantage" a wheel (and pedals) has to offer is that it is more "real"... and to me, that alone, is more then sufficient to make it a “must” ;)

    On topic

    Regarding cars... you will see that with some, it is easier to achieve certain lap times (although theoretically all are capable of doing very quick times around the Nordschliefe).

    The quickest times around there (not in race and many set in "time attack" mode) are at very low 20's. Going under 30 puts you in an already restricted club. Having a race pace around mid 35's will most likely give you a decent chance of doing well even in presence of stiff competition.

    Your choice of car, the DB9, is a common one in the public servers... so look for an online setup for it. There are quite a few that give you low 30's lap right away.

    By trying different setups and comparing how the cars handles with them in relation to default setup can give you good pointers as you see the options/settings the setup creators took.

    Just to finish, obviously you need to know the track with your eyes closed before attempting to go “faster” and testing setups… well, maybe you don’t “need”, but it is advisable ;)
  12. Well I cannot say I am perfect of it, I must have completed 30ish full flying laps, fastest time being 6:45 :D

    I am still tweaking the setup, based on one that I found on the net.