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KERS for Marussia and HRT

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by Armadyr, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. Hello fellow Formula 1 fans, I have found a way to enable KERS for HRT and Marussia. Its really simple to enable it, and many of you may already know how to. Its simple, just locate the ''F1 Teams'' in Ryder's Database. Scroll a little bit to the right until you find the column where it says ''has_kers''. Look down and you'll see that the boxes for HRT and Marussia and unchecked, and thats because they dont use KERS in the real life sport either. After you checked those two boxes, hit save and replace the database you selected first, or save it somewhere else and keep the original somewhere safe just in case. But if you are not familiar with using Ryders Database Editor, then dont worry, I uploaded my edited database for you to download, but keep in mind that it is the same database that I use so the LEGEND Ai has been slightly modified.

    DOWNLOAD for Modified Database: https://mega.co.nz/#!BdlzTBbB!RCII5WRwS54QpjirqQhPnzi7Zw1DEU0xCpqIEe1DYRU
  2. Does it also work in Career?
    Cause i accually found the same button you to 'V' it, but only worked in Time Trail.
  3. Benutzername

    The Will to Death is what keeps me alive Premium

    its the normal kers, like every other team, works in every ode, but nor in multiplayer ;)
  4. Should work in Quick Race and in Career just fine.
  5. Nicky Graho

    Nicky Graho
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Thanks bro
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  6. No problemo ;)
  7. Thank you.Works in career.
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  8. do both team in real life had kers during the 2012 season? Sorry for the noob question and Armadyr great work bro :thumbsup:
  9. <--- yea now can i push the button;) !thanks:thumbsup:
  10. They did not have KERS irl :)
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  11. Glad you liked it :D
  12. that's because I#m Driving Caterham ^^ :D and no Nooby HRT or Marussia XD ^^
  13. I drive for Caterham aswell, but I only created this mod because people requested it in F1 2011.

  14. ooh okay i don't know :) well i thought nobody drives the HRT and Marussia in Career D: ^^
  15. Some wants to start out small, grow a reputation, get into a better team and finally compete with the big guys :)
  16. Well some liverys are done for these teams....and HRT and Marussia looking better than Caterham;)

  17. Maybe they look better but the Caterham is more comfortable for me :D ^^
  18. does this thing works on installed pc version? Because it doesn't work at me :(

  19. It should work just fine on the PC...
  20. did I have to install it?