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Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by Frank Alexandre da Silva, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. I made this small mode to my personal use but im sharing it if anyone like.
    I made this mod because i like to play with a camera view closer to the wheel. Unfortunately with this view the DRS and HUD are not visible so it makes hard to play using the first cockpit view. So i made changes to include more cockpit views where you can see the HUD. But the game HUD include the revcounter, gear, speed, etc.. I dont need it twice since i already have the car steering wheel for that. Now i can use my prefence view and see the KERS and DRS info much more easier. Thats it. Click the image for full size preview.



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  2. does this mod works also for normal non modded cockpit cam?
  3. No, you must copy your "head-cam" settings for a new cam. The HUD doesnt work on the cockpit camera position.
  4. bummer, can u do a similar mod but for the unmodded cockpit view?
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  5. wow gracias

  6. Excellent idea, really hoped it would work on regular camera view.
    Thanks for this wonderful effort
  7. Not a good idea, 13 default cams x all the cockpit mods.

    Its easy to do. Just convert your cameras.xml to txt using binXML. Open it with notepad, search for "head-cam". This is the cockpit view where the game HUD doesnt work. Copy all the head-cam settings and create a "head-cam2" entry. Save and convert back to xml. The HUD will work now on this cam.
  8. Why do you need the DRS and kers on screen? They are represented on the wheel as per real life anyway.
  9. Because, like i said on my post, i like to play with a view closer to the wheel where i can see only the top of the steering wheel and the buttons arent visible.
  10. it works on default camera view.
    As long as You use modmates cameras
  11. Thanks for idea!
  12. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff Member

    Andy Jackson

    Plus, even though I am using Modmate's cockpit cam, I don't need the full HUD, but I can almost never see the little green DRS light, especially in the sunshine. Codemasters removed the little 'beep' audio cue from the this year's code, which would have been enough of a cue for me. They are thinking about reinstating it .... so they said.

    I might even have a look at Frank's file, and see if KERS can be removed, just leaving the DRS by itself, when I get time :)

    I'm speaking for old gits like me, who's eyesight is going downhill rapidly (without the aid of DRS/KERS ;) )
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  13. codemasters has already patched the DRS audio, much louder.
    I forgot to mention before, this is an excellent HUD.
  14. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff Member

    In that is case it doesn't seem to work with my modded cockpit cam.

    It's also not in any of their patch notes, this is the only DRS fix mentioned :-

    Patch Notes

    Cheers :)

    EDIT: I finally found the posts by Madfiddler, one of CM's audio guys :-

    Code not working

    Because code stripped out
  15. Hello,Frank Alexandre da Silva!
    You are done a very good mod!
    Today,from CM, we are not have the DRS indication in Cockpit view in ONLINE mode ( green lamp in racing wheel is not working )
    Can you help us ( in cocpit online racers) and and do :
    1. make only DRS indication box ( not KERS)
    2. move the DRS indication box to the center of screen and some lower from current position ( in 1 box size or some more)
    If YES- it will be the great help for us!
    Thank you anyway!
    PS. I have modified cockpit , edited as you wrote ( new head-cam maked)