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KERS, DRS in Formula Reiza? Change driver, team names?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by stash, Nov 24, 2013.

  1. Hi,
    i just bought game stock car 2013 and i really like this game. because i didn't play a rfactor game or an older verison of game stock car i have some general questions.

    1. is it possible to change driver names or team names?
    2. is it possible to enable KERS or DRS for Formula Reiza? That would be really great.
    3. are there any track packages out there with some additional formula 1 tracks?

    i'm sorry if one of my questions is already answered somewhere else. I searched this forum and didn't found something in this direction (or only some older posts).

    thanks for your answers.

  2. Nox

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  3. 1. is it possible to change driver names or team names?

    Yes, just take a look in the vehicle folders, you will find .veh files. Change the names to whatever you want. You don't have to, but you can change the talent files as well so that the names and performance match.

    (don't forget to backup any files somewhere safe before editing the originals).
  4. hi,

    thanks for the answer. oh i hope there will be coming some f1 tracks in the future.

    thanks for the hint to change the talent too. i just made a race and i think this is necessary :).

    so i wanted to start changing performance of the cars, but i didn't find any files for this. where are the performance parameters of the cars defined or is every car just equal?
  5. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni
    Reiza Studios

    We´re looking into KERS / DRS implementation. It´s looking bound to become more relevant :)
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  6. Empty Box linked this in his video so I guess these are compatible with GSC 2013 it includes various tracks old, new and track packs for some Formula 1 seasons. You can also find cars on this website :)
  7. Each car is initially equal, one reason being it is better for online racing.
    There are ways to change car performance, by editing parts of the engine file for example, but it is not easy to do as some of the files have been hidden or protected
    It is easier to edit the talent files - You only really need to change the speed and minimum racing skill, and you should see the effect without having to touch any car files.

    Make the better drivers speed = 98 or even 100, going down to as low as you want for the slowest drivers, and you will see them perform to those figures with some random variation.
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  8. Hi,
    thanks for the detailed description. Works good so far. I have another question regarding qualifying times of ai. I made a race in stockcar series and in qualifying all 33 cars were within 0.5 seconds. I drove a time just 0.9 seconds slower and got last. Why are they so close?
  9. The easiest way to spread the field is to edit the aiw file for the track. (Back up the aiw first).
    Open the aiw with notepad, and look for the line
    It usually says (0.1000)
    Change it to (0.5000) and give that a try. I am not sure what unit of measurement this is using, it could be a tenth of a second or a percentage, but it doesn't matter - you will see a difference with 0.5, and you can raise or lower it from there.

    Other ways of spreading the field involve editing the hdv file, which we can not access in this game, or try spreading your talent figures even further (you could set fastest driver speed =99 and slowest to 1 and see if it helps), but I don't believe it will work on it's own, as there are other factors in the game's programming that help the cars recover if they fall back. Besides, it is better to have the talent files reasonably close so that there is some in-fighting between the AI, while the AIRange line will spread the field for you.

    Finally remember, any changes of this kind will mean you will probably get kicked out of online play, so if this is a problem for you, always keep a backup and be sure you can return the files to their original state.
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  10. Oh, that sounds good. i will give this a try. Thanks for the hint.
  11. Is there any news regarding the implementation of KERS and DRS yet for GSC guys?
    Just curious. I only recently converted from rF1 to GSC... simply because it's said to be less resource hungry and also very stable online.
    But we're F1 Fenatics and would like to have it as realistic as possible concerning implementation of Kers & DRS. We also heard the AI is much better than in rF1... so that sold it for us.
    We're a South African League trying to get started in GSC... all help and tips would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Here:

    So what exactly is the good stuff coming up with GSCE?

    Beyond the just-released v1.15 which introduces the Formula V12, Montreal, Floripa along with several other improvements, a series of updates are planned for the next 2-3 months, to include several new enhancements along with the following content:


    Formula Extreme


    The first car in a high-end racing simulator based on the F1 technical regulations of 2014 - including a V6 1.6 Turbo engine, 8-speed gearbox, energy recovery systems and DRS.