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Karting Championship?

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Clayton Nelmes, Jan 1, 2010.

  1. Yes

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  3. Maybe

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  1. Hey. I have a thought for the admin and owners here. How about a Karting Championship? There are 2 pretty good mods (ICA and BRKart) and quite a good number of good kart tracks as well. To add to that, karting is very popular and I'm sure many of you guys and girls here like karting, and maybe some of you here even race them yourselfs in real life.

    This is just a thought, and coming from someone who is quite sad there are no good kart championships around in simracing lol.:tongue:

  2. I wouldn't organise a league in karting but I was planning to run some karting events in the Racing Club during the RDV8SC
  3. That's still cool. I'd definitely enter them.
  4. the BRKart is a fantastic mod with some superb tracks and according to Keith Barrick, (a real life Kart racer of 20yrs+) very realistic. shame there wasent much interest last time we ran Kart racers at RD :(
  5. The best Karts are the Super Karts (120 MPH :))
  6. I just got my hands on the KF1 Mod from eurokart. Very good mod, up there with BRKart. The only downside with BRKart is that all the chassis are exactly the same, if it were the real chassis for the karts then it would be supreme.
  7. i will be keen for a bit of karting action(days, fri an sat any timezone), am really looking forward to this part of Rfactor when i get my setup going. have heard good things about both BRkart and KF1. i be ready about end of jan for club racing and depending on how busy i will be with ATCC and KDSR midget dutys, a karting league may be out of the queston for me.
  8. What Sim does this Mod use???
  9. KF1
  10. Sorry guys, my Bad. I see it is RFactor based.
  11. euro-kart KF1 mod is definitely the best out of all of them IMO. I might be up for a kart race once I get my hands on a license. :D

    BTW, I race karts for real.
  12. I tried that BRkartmod as the first for Rfactor, i was very excited about a proper kart mod as ive read good stuff about it at many forums. I must say i didnt like it at all, ive driven karts since i could walk maybe thats why i had so high expectations for it. iThey feel wierd for me when cornering.

    Im up for sokme racing though, havent tried it since i got my G27 so might be better for me now :)
  13. ^ I agree, except I haven't been driving for nearly as long, lol. At least it's better than the Rotax's on Race Driver 3, they were absolutlely awful.
  14. yeah i'll like to do it. If any of you guys race karts in real life then you know about the rotax max challenge. We could do it like that. Another thing is where is the mod?
  15. The biggest Rotax comp we have in Australia is the Rotax Pro Tour, but I don't know anything about it, haven't had anything to do with Rotax before. Euro-kart KF1 mod is found here. I don't mind what format we do, doesn't bother me. But I'd rather do KF1 or maybe TAG125 not just Rotax.
  16. well i doesn't have to be rotax. We could use the rotax format though. heres how it goes:
    1:regional championships for bigger countries like the u.s. That is a local rotax championship that steps you up to the national championships. Becasue of how wide spread rd is, we can't really do that.
    2:national championship for countries or maybe continets. This is where the best rotax drivers in the countrie race for a spot in the world championship. Only a couple drivers get to go to the world finals for their countrie. We probably will have to see how many people enter to figure out how to separate the national championships by where they are from and also to decide how many go to the world finals from each championship. In real life its only one race but i would consider doing three or four races (spread out) at one track cause that is how it goes in real life.
    3: world championship is where the best rotax drivers in the world compete for the world championship. Drivers from all over gather to one of the finest kart track in the world for having a good time and great competetive racing. The week starts with fun festivities and also for events for the race. Now this is what i like about it. All drivers get the same chasis (all brand new) and to make it more competitive and not a unfair advantage to drivers with that chasis, no changing setup. I'm not to sure if they do that in the world final cause i never been there but it makes it more competitive. Now if we get more drivers in the world finals then how much are allowed in the race, we will do a qualifing session prior to when the championship start. The drivers that qualify inside the amount allowed (keep a couple spots open) will race the championship (once again only one race in real life but we can change it) but for the drivers that didn't make the field, they have to race a small race for the last spots in the championship. Drivers that don't make the field will not race in the world championship. Of course the driver that is on top at the end is the rotax world champion.

    Once again we don't have to use the rotax class (i'm fine with the kf1) but we could do the rotax format listed above except for part one of the format. We don't have to do this but if everyone likes it then we'll see if it can get aproved for a rd championship.
  17. Ahh, ok. The world final was at Egypt last year, right? Thanks for that info. It's a little complex but I think it'd work, just a few tweaks here and there from real life as you said. One thing we need to know first is how many people would be up to it, and if we'd get enough numbers to do it.
  18. how about we make a poll (if you know how to) on either the rfactor forum or the league forum idk which one to do and ask who wants a karting league. If you don't know how to we'll just ask one of the staff members to make on for us. This way we get a good idea on people who want to do it. But just in case if we get approved of doing a league on it. WE will make a entrie list for each continent (make one entrie list and tell them to include their country) and see how many are interested in each continent and we will decide how to separate the championships from then. Hopefully that will work. We will make that decision after entries are closed.