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Apps Ka0s Dashboard 1.1.1

Fully skinnable instrument panel

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  2. Thank you, nice app!:thumbsup:
  3. Pontiac TA.jpg I think this would be great to have analog gauges that match the car you are driving.
    Assuming skinners are willing to create th cobra.jpg e gauges is there a way to have it automatically or manually assigned to the car ?
  4. Not yet, no - but that's on my TODO list for a future release
  5. I you could do that I'll see what I can do about skinning a set up for the Cobra and the F40
  6. Tushar Saxena updated Ka0s Dashboard with a new update entry:

    Added skinning support!

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  7. antonn

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  8. Tushar Saxena updated Ka0s Dashboard with a new update entry:

    Tons of new features!

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  9. Tushar Saxena EXCELLENT AC App !! can i making free installer programm in white label unsigned for v1.1.0 ?
  10. Not quite sure I understand. Could you please send me a PM with more details?
  11. This is possible now as of the 1.0.0 release.
  12. The easiest way is to view the archive or zip file that you used to manually locate and remove the files added by extraction files.

    sorry for my english ... i know ...
  13. Will there be a version which works with AC 1.1?

    (really like your App :))
  14. yes it work with AC v1.1.1 :) I use it all the time! it works wonderfully :)
  15. Sorry but nor for me. Installed it but couldn't find the app on the right side of the screen.

    EDIT: After installing it a second time it works! Don't know why.
    But anyway thanks for your hint.
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2015
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