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Just watch a race

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by Wasserlasser, Nov 19, 2013.

  1. Wasserlasser

    Premium Member

    Hello everyone,

    I got the game yesterday and found your site right away. Great work I have to say.

    My question is, can I just watch a Race? I don't want to drive in it, just watch it with all the Action that is going on?


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  2. Nope. You can watch a full replay of your car in the race after you finish. Geoff Crammonds GP4 was the last F1 sim that allowed you to watch a full race without being in it. It allowed a full Directors mode and jumped to the action too. It far surpasses what Codemasters can make.
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  3. Wasserlasser

    Premium Member

    Thought so. Thanks for the heads up though. Still a fun game if it worked without Steam.

  4. Thank god it doesn't need to work with steam.
  5. Kinda - if you edit the benchmark file to be the track cam, and set the number of laps to as long as you want to watch for... but your limited to picking one camera view and one car the entire time (more limited than the in game replay mode)
  6. So i can actually watch my 20 laps practice session replay in cockpit view ?? If yes then how to do that ?? Thanks first :coffee:
  7. If u don't wanna drive but just watch, try this:

    1- Search in your f12013 folder (and sub-folders) 4 a file named startsequence.xml (using, 4 example, Windows Explorer's search utility).

    2- Once found, make a backup of it, and then open it (using, 4 example, Windows Notepad).

    3- Search 4 this line: <Switch type="human" /> in that file.

    4- Replace that line with this 1: <Switch type="ai" />

    5- Save the file as startsequence.xml (not startsequence.xml.txt ) in its current folder.

    6- Start the game, select Grand Prix, select team & driver.

    7- At RACE SETTINGS, select Race Only, 3 or 5 laps (no pit stops in "ai" mode). :cry::(

    8- Select CONTINUE, track, then ENGINEER->GO TO TRACK, and watch.

    You can toggle cam views, but if you want to take control, press the replay key, followed by the flashback key once the replay sequence has begun. At the end of the short race, press the F1 key to watch it again (same car & driver: no other car) :cry::(
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  8. You must press F1 after finishing your practice session while actually driving the car on track (not when finishing it while sitting in the car inside its garage).

    After having pressed F1 at the PRACTICE RESULTS box, the replay will start at your most recent pit-lane exit, and run up 'til the end of the current session (P, or any Qs). You can hide the replay buttons with F6, toggle cam views forward with F8, backward with F7, until you reach cockpit-cam view position, and stay there until the end of the session you've just finished. Once finished, the exact same replay sequence will start over (from you're most recent pit-lane exit, just like b4).

    F1 = freeze the current replay frame
    F2 = rewind (hold it longer than 1 second = fast-rewind)
    F3 = forward (hold it longer than 1 sec. = fast-forward)
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  9. I plan to record my race in this way but does this include the hud about the race position & lap time ?? Thanks first
  10. I can't answer that, since I never recorded anything valuable b4, but other members who do record (or "video-capture") their screens could be able to do it below this reply.
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