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Just ordered rFactor

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Matthew Parr, Aug 12, 2008.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I just orderd R factor and i was wondering what mod i should get first and what tracks etc.
    What do you guys think i should download ? :thumb:
  2. Depends, how experienced are you sim racing wise?
  3. Quite experiance been playing race 07 for ages now!
  4. Hi Parr, i have moved your post to this section so you can look around here for all kinds of mods and tracks.
    Popular mods are the Megane Trophy,HistoriX,PCC, pfffff i can go on for ages :D
    Just check Club rFactor for the mods used on our servers and hop in :thumb:
    More mods can be found here and mostly with some comments to fill your mind on what one to use .rFactor Mods - RaceDepartment Forums
  5. love the look of the 1979 stuff... and as for the 1988... well I started watching F1 in '84 you cannot get better than that canon-williams :)

    /me goes to sit at the door waiting for amazon delivery.
  6. thankyou :D had a look and they look rather good tbh ;) lol
    Ok thanx patrick :) it should be coming 2moro morning so hopefully will see some of you tomorrow :D do we have our own servers like Race 07 ? and to find servers is it similar to Race 07 ?
    thanx Guys
    Matt Parr
  7. Getting online wont be a problem for you i think, just try and if you have problems just ask :thumb:
  8. Welcome to the world of rfactor I am sure you will have alot of fun with it :D

    Best place to go for Mods and Track would be here. They have more than any other game out there and the quality just seems to get better and better.

    rFactor Central - Community Driven Sim Racing Resource for rFactor by ISI | rFactor Car mods, rFactor Tracks, Car Setups, rFactor Screenshots

    Also go here for lots of info about the game and wheel settings etc if you cant find the answer at RaceDepartment.

    Image Space Incorporated - RaceSimCentral Forums
  9. Thankyou a great help :D Do you know where i can Get The BTCC Mod for Rfactor from as i cant find it on their :(
  10. The BTCC mod is not a legal conversion so not supported by RFC and Racedepartment.
  11. Oh right ok :( so can i download it or not ?
  12. well, you can download whatever you like... but am guessing you'll not find a link posted here and you obv won't see it run as an event :)
  13. I'm tempted to buy R factor but im not sure whether i would play it due to Gtr evolution
  14. Ye i havent got Gtr evolution YET but i bougt rfactor because of its ood reputation! and i think its brilliant tbh.Its well worth it.
  15. man - i was in the same quandry but with the evo delays i figured why not...

    it's really lovely... personally i think it's more hardcore than race 07... and with all the mods there's always new joy to discover.... taken part in 2 rd events - porsches last week and f1 this evening... immense goodness - and since our rF events are way more intermittent than race 07 you'll totally have time to play both... do iiiiiit!
  16. Yeah if he only has simracing experience from Race07 he is seriously going to be facing reality :D
    Race07 is forgiving, and easy, comparing it to any other sim.
    Only thing to say is, dont let it put ya down, theres realfeel plugin for good ffb, theres huge amount of tracks and mods, and those can be varied in quality, some are very good, some arent too much.. in time you will find the mods you enjoy the most, learn more, get better car control.. and jump in for the next step of simracing pretty much. So be patient with the game, it WILL reward you greatly in the end.
  17. The net code in rFactor is very good and great for running 40+ cars in a field!

    The Lienz tracks are excellent and very well done too :)

    With all the updates and extra car classes they added after release, rFactor is definately a good quality sim now :)
  18. Ik now ive been playing it for about 5 or 6 day now and i havent played Race 07 once! lol but tonight i will be in FBMW night :p
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