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Just ordered Obutto ozone

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by razorseal, Jun 16, 2015.

  1. Sort of excited, but it was some serious cash to put down (close to 600 bucks) on a hobby I'm not TOO crazy or any good at. I feel like the immersion will be better and I sold few gun related things to get the seat lol...

    I've been doing some research and apaprently they updated the ozone like when revolution came out; however there is an issue about the wheel not being centered and many wheels (I currently have DFGT w/CSR 2 Elite pedals) not being able to bolt on like the fanatecs... This worries me a little. I also hear to put this thing together you will need to dedicate a day to it.

    So for the ones that have gotten a cockpit. How has it improved your sim racing experience? I'll start off with a single 27" monitor with hopes of getting 2 more in the future probably.
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  2. Yapci


    I bought a csl seat from Fanatec last year and its huge change from an office chair (how you are seated, braKing withouth moving back the chair...).

    I made a diy mod for inverting the g27 pedals and another for sequential shifter. Playing with a 27" too.

    Dont know about the revolution but a rig is always a step in the right direction if you like simracing. I bought mine because it was cheap, small and looks like it has good build quality.

    Triples and simvibe are the next step for Sure when you got the money. Im still saving some Cash...:(:(:(
  3. If you mean the centering issue mentioned in ISR review of the ozone, you can be calm because that was 100% down to the guy putting it together wrong lol.
  4. That's hilarious lol... Hopefully I put it together right!!! I hear it's not an easy task
  5. You're SORT of excited?...geez....I've had an Obutto Ozone for 5 years and it's been great. It has held up beautifully with my Fanatec wheel and pedals and triple monitor solution. Whether racing or browsing the interweb, it has been a great investment. Btw, if I can bolt it together, anyone can. :thumbsup:
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  6. Eric, it was just alot of cash.... lol
  7. Hi razor...I was just messin with you a little...$$$$$$ (it's only money....wheeeeee....:D) $$$$$$
    Good luck with the Obutto..you'll like it.
  8. I got mines at the beginning of the New Year and it's awesome. You wont be disappointed. However, if you arent on carpet get a Yoga mat BEFORE setting it up. Its help with some minimal rocking getting in and out of the seat and also not damaging your floors. The box is heavy, I live on the 5th floor and this thing was a workout lifting it
  9. should be coming in Tuesday. Its on a carpeted floor and I'm excited. I just ordered and received my 27 inch Dell monitor with thin bezels so that I can do a triple set up very soon. Looking for a surround sound system so I have more immersion now :)
  10. Hurry up Tuesday!! :whistling: