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just my opinion

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Joe Hubbard, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. After a few races I must say that everyone was right about there being much cleaner racing once you get out of the rookie cars. I can only speak for the road racing, and I should have gone to the skip right after getting my D license. That would have saved alot of frustration for me personaly with crazy people and hot heads. However I wasn't sure that I was ready and of course I had original intended on saving the credits I had with the Christmas special they did for after they released the new season. I was like a kid in a candy store though and just "HAD" to spend them...lol... So I have been sitting on it. I will say that I have seen a few wrecks in the offical races however every time something happened with myself it was my fault and only I was involved. Things like spinning, but nothing major to do any damage. I may not be the fastest car on the track yet but I'm having alot more fun to say the least. Last night before bed I got in one last race for the night and got some really good pointers after the race. During the race I was in third and got a little faster than I was comfortable with and spun. Coming back from last I managed to get back up to 7th and during the race while chasing a guy down I hit 1:23.043 so I know there is room to grow. Some corners I was a bit slow in but others I think I'm a bit to fast and right on the verge of losing it.

    So in short to anyone that is new like myself listen to the people here when they say get out of the rookie stuff asap...lol... Yes they may be fun, however it's a night and day difference in clean racing.
  2. Im still a Rookie (Got iRacing 3 months ago but only used a few time up till recently) but im now at SR 3.50 after some really clean racing in the MX5's. What i have found in order to have a clean race is to Qualify and get up the front, that way you're racing with guys who are decent guys and want to race and not just bugger about.

    Heres a race i had today and got a massive SR boost -


    Sounds liek you're really having some fun now mate, I am too and cant wait to get racing again tomorrow (wife says we got to celebrate NYE now haha, bummer!) and get my SR well above 4.0. Shame i got to wait until the 27th Jan to get promoted, then when i do i need to choose what series i want to take on! Which can be costly haha.
  3. If you hit 4.0 with your license it will promote you automatically to the next license. Then from there you can do it again as long as you race in a series that is within that license. Such as I had a 3.9 D license and after racing my four races with the skip I hit 4.0 and got the C license. I think that is what you are meaning by having to wait to get promoted.

    Yeah it's gonna be a bit before I can move on from what I have now as far as content goes. Being on the poor side of broke sucks...hehe However I think with the content I have now will last me for a good while to say the least. Besides the way I'm looking at it is how can one become a really good driver if you constantly move up or around in the cars and not spending the time needed in a particular set first. Well if you can do that you are better than I am...hehe
  4. Ah! I didnt realise you got promoted automatically, i thought i would have to wait till a certain date (in the clanedar says promotion date is the 27th!! So can see why it confused me). I'll get to SR 4.0 by tomorrow and enter in the Jetta's i think.

    Im also thinking about buying the content to race in the Carberator cup as i fancy a bit of oval racing! Only done a few legends race's but they suck big time haha.
  5. Any thoughts on how to race the Mazda rookie class?? Ive done alot of practice and TT but I'm tryin to map out a strategy for trying to get out of rookie as soon as possible. I ran a ghosted race in the skippy at Summit last night and noticed very clean racing(and I was keein up!! LOL) so I am keen to get out of rookie so I can run races like that. So.....should I not qualify and stay at the back in the Mazda rookie stuff and just try to stay clean or qualify and run up front with the better guys?? I am down around 1:00 at Lime Rock so I should be able to qualify in the top ten. Thanks for any suggestions.
  6. eather run enough TT´s needed for your MPR/SR or race while concentrate just on clean finishing races, from D onwards it is much better, both skippy and Mustang series
  7. From what I've noticed the really fast laps at Lime Rock are at 59 seconds. If you can maintain the 1:00 lap you'll do fine.
  8. Safe races does not have much to do about whether or not you drive a rookie car or an A car.
    Race in the top splits all the time in MX5, you'll have great races.
    For qualifications, it depends on what split you race and at what time you race :)
    during peak hours I dont start first on the line with a qualification @ 59.2
    In the middle of the night, I'm sometimes the only one with a qualification time under 1.00
  9. A few clean races in a row will get ya outta rookie. Just focus on being clean over everything else.
  10. Thanks for all the advice guys!!
  11. It's called "FastTracking" when you complete your MRP requirements with an SR greater than 3.00 you get promoted right away.
  12. Greater than 4.0 you mean. 3.0 is the requirement for scheduled promotions.