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Just completed my first ever 100% race

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Steve Smith, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. As the title says i just completed my first ever 100% on F1 2011 at Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi and although i finished 4 laps down with a fastest lap of 1:47.467 it was a really enjoyable experience and one that i will definately repeat :).

    The only assists i had on was the breaking line and TCS and i wasnt using any set-up apart from the engineers default one.

    The way the track changed from day to night was unreal as was driving past the hotel with its changing colours.
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  2. You definitly should use your own Setup!
    The Engineer is super dumb when it comes to the setup cuz he only changes the Wings and nothing else...

    Maybe then you finish with just 1 Lap down :)
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  3. Ben Herbert

    Ben Herbert
    Next Match attending Hull(H) 16th 15.00

    Well done Steve, now do Monaco 100% ;)
  4. Monaco 100% is awsome, I was wet through and mentaly drained when I finished (which was lap 73 after hitting n invisable wall Grrrrrrrr) and Steve if you have time to check out the scenery you aren't pushing hard enough mate :)
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  5. Thanks for all the replys so far guys.

    I have to admit i definately wasnt pushing the limits of my car as the main reason i choose to do the Yas Marina on 100% was to see the change between night and day lol.

    Now that i've got that out of my system it'll be 100% racing now :)
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  6. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    A group of us did a Wet Monaco 100% dist no assists. It was 2 hrs 13 mins I think. Hard.
  7. @ David, some people actually pay good money for that kind of abuse :thumbsup: anyone who crossed the finish line in that one deserves a medal
  8. yeah it was definitely a new experience David, having to concentrate for that long.
  9. Welcome to 100% racing. That's all I ever do. Now that you have experienced a 100% race, just imagine what the real world racers must go through with all the G-Forces.
  10. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    100% races are the way to go. I havent done any other distance since codemasters released 2010.

    They're so much more epic, and the strategy is what keeps me coming back
  11. Yeah it definitely gives you a small insight in to what the F1 drivers go through with regards to concentration levels etc. It's also a much more immersive experience as there is a lot more to think about during the race.

    I'll definitely do more 100% races and eventually would like to do a whole career in 100% mode :)
  12. i really don't understand you guys. Maybe 100% is real fun but...it needs too much time..it's too long. I love sim-racing very much but I think spending your time for so long playing just one race is not good. We must think about other important things- our families, our friends, our girls, our real life! I play only 20% race and it's enough. We will never be real F1-drivers, so I suggest 100% race distance is unnecessary. Have fun but don't forget about real life and important things! Save your health
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  13. Hey DriverN, I guess it all comes down to personal preference and thats the way it should be. Everyone will get from the game(s) what they want to get out of it.

    I personally was like you in the sense that i used to 20% races with most of the assists on and to be honest after i time i got bored with winning the races and WDC most of the time and ended up leaving the sim racing scene for a while.

    I came back to it about a month ago but this time i decided to make sure i would make it more challenging and get more from the game. I am currently learning to race with no-assists and to participate in longer races so that i have more to think about rather than just racing blindly so to to speak and i also decided to try and find a league, which was RD thankfully, and to improve to be the best i can.

    So far things are going slowly with learning the tracks and breaking points/throttle control but hopefully in time things will improve considerably :)
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  14. DriverNI it would be a sad world if we all liked and disliked the same things, as Steve says everyone will/can get out of the game what they want, there's no right and no wrong each to their own.
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  15. When I started F1 2010, I played 20% races. I thought "What a no lifer I have to be to drive 1 hour and a half++ just for one race?". Actually, I was still driving on Amateur AI and full assists. I did 100% Malaysia. Won it with a few laps and I didn't have much fun. But then, when I tried it again with AI on Legend and no assists a few months later.. You just can't express it! It feels awesome! I started from pole and I had to FIGHT to win. And when I won, when I know that I was driving so long time and I actually won on the hardest level.. I felt AWESOME. From that day, I started doing at least one 100% race a day. After 2-3 more, I had to start from last position so I can have some fun in the race. I became too fast. You know how much 20% races I had to do to become this fast? With only one single 100% race - you learn a LOT of things and your speed gets a LOT better. Yes, you're right. You have to spend more time with your family, friends and etc. But c'mon. It's hot, it's summer. Going out in the afternoon is like a suicide. You'll be stuck at home alone in the most situations. What will you do? You would watch TV probably. I don't have kids tho. But anyways.. You could change the "watching TV" with "doing one 100% race on F1 2011". From your point of view - both ways would be - wasted time. But at least when playing - you would actually do something. You would use your brain. You would get better into something. When watching TV.. What will change? Nothing. You'd watch something and then you'll forget it... But when you have some awesome time.. You won't forget that fun. I won't forget my last summer when I was doing 100% races every day. I don't remember all of them, but I do remember some great moments. Do you have any awesome memories from watching TV? :)

    Anyways, this is when you have a free day and you can waste time. I don't know how your life is organized.. You may actually not have any free time, but from my point of view - doing long races is incredible compared to doing a few small races.
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  16. doing 100% races teaches you Consistency along with Management of Tires and Fuel Strategy
    I think 20% races will be fun but you can't get the feel of Winning of Monaco after finishing 78 lap race in 16 lap race of Same track
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  17. I think drivern is regretful for saying this now.
    I do my racing in livingroom when noone is home ore late night when evryone is sleeping. I did 50 percent races but never tried full races. But i will try it. Pretty sure that it will be verry funny.
  18. well since playing f1 2011 i always playin on 50% races with TC assist (coz i dont have wheel, it really nightmare playing these game using PS2 joypad if TC's off), i've finished my first year career on williams and finished on P4 at the end of the year, i got lot of fun sometimes, but track that i really familiar to me like catalunya and abu dhabi make me bored, coz i always be the fastest even i'm driving on williams. and mybe i'll try to playing 100% race, on my second year career, coz next month i'll have 1 week full of holiday. i thik it would be tons of fun.
  19. Similar to me. I couldn't find a level (online or single player) that felt realistic. So I have turned all assists off apart from breaking point line and TC. Now doing much longer races, although I haven't done 100% yet as I have to coordinate it with my wife being at work.

    I'm enjoying much more, even though I am 2 seconds slower a lap, and on the podium much less (can't think of many ps3 games like that). Soon I hope to take the breaking line off.

    To the poster who did 100% monaco - that is just mental. I'm in awe.
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  20. Hey there Rich, thanks for the comment. I wanted a more realistic and rewarding experience which is why I have turned off all the assists now and am also using cockpit view. I'm still using the braking line whilst I'm learning new tracks.

    Although it is a slow process at the moment learning to drive with no assists I must say that I am thoroughly enjoying it right now and the hard work will be worth it in the end.
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