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Jorge Lorenzo "Call of Duty Ghosts" 2013 Helmet HD 1.0

Jorge Lorenzo "Call of duty Ghosts" 2013 Helmet HD

  1. Thimoty Decrans submitted a new resource:

    Jorge Lorenzo "Call of duty Ghosts" 2013 Helmet HD - Jorge Lorenzo "Call of duty Ghosts" 2013 Helmet HD

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  2. Amazing...:cool:Absolutely brilliant.Thank you.:thumbsup:
  3. looks stellar, gotta wait for the jorge edition :)
  4. Good Work. :thumbsup:
  5. Very good. Thank you.

    Can you please put the helmet on Lorenzo's suit to use it in the official Mode?

    Thanks in advance. ;)
  6. OK..I've done everything you said in the instruction but now I'm getting the message "MIX file damaged" ....When I unpack the mix file where do I need to put files for this Helmet...And is it possible to tike the file of Nakagami's helmet and use it for me in the career?
  7. OH...OK i've got it..But the question for Nakagami's Helmet stands :)
  8. realitychecked


    Depends. What helmet brand is Nakagami using?
  9. He is Using Arai Helmet if that's what you are asking. arai-corsair-v-nakagami-helmet.jpg 2013-moto2-to-use-600cc-spec-engines.jpg
    Do you think that I could just rename the file from Moto2.MIX of his Helmet, to the name of helmet I want to replace in GFX.MIX ?
  10. realitychecked


    No, it's not compatible. As I said, it must be X-Lite or else it will mess up the texture.
  11. Oh, and how do I do that? :)
  12. Only one little thing...the Monster M on the right side is mirrord
  13. oh ****..there's one who noticed :D
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  14. I don't want annoy you, but do you think this is maybe possible?
    Would be very cool.
  15. very nice :thumbsup:
  16. Very good job! thanks ;)
  17. thanks :thumbsup: