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Joining online

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Martin Edmunds, Dec 20, 2014.

  1. Last night i was trying to join a server that had zero ping.
    Now bear with me here .. of course zero ping would not work, but the reason i did it is because i never used to even have to look at the ping to join any servers before the last patch.

    So to my point if the server has Zero ping it will not work and you'll get stuck on the livery screen.
    Now here something i noticed. After attempting to join the zero ping server i could not join any high ping server either ( 161+ ping ).
    So me being an i.t guy and going nuts when things don't work as they should, i started to check my processes running, gave connection priority on my router to my main computer, shutdown origin, plex .. bla bla bla..
    Still the same i could not join anything somehow.

    So here is what i manage to find out that might be an interesting bit for people who have issue connecting. If you are having issue getting passed the livery screen. Exit out , Join a low ping server ( like 130 ping or something ) then exit. And rejoin the server that was giving the trouble and it should work.
    Now i am not sure about the scientific explanation on this but after i have done that i could join server with ping 168+ that would not previously work.

    Anyway play around and tell me if this worked for you.
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  2. I will go try, but I had no issues with joining any server in which I could get a ping....and I have a poor internet connection, so the pings were in the 200ms. usually they are lower than that, pre patch.

    It would be interesting to see if it would make it easier to get past the livery screen after trying this method.

    I tried everything to improve the connection, no router, no nothing, naked...same result.
  3. My highest was close to 170 and like i said i couldn't join at first then my little trick worked. Could have been a total fluke, who knows.
  4. Are the same servers not showing up for you from the days before? For me it "seems" like it is the same servers.

    About how many can you get to? I think I can get to about 2/3 or so...maybe a bit less. EDIT ok maybe around HALF.

    I wonder if we don't see the exact same servers? Its hard for me to tell bc the pings disappear every 6 seconds.

    This is what I see

  5. I have to click like 8-10 times for the liveries...but I have not paid attention if a lower ping means less clicks.
  6. some server the ping disappears quick is because they are the last to refresh.
    But i could join those as well( get pass the livery screen) So those server you could not get passed the livery screen did you try to join a low ping server get in ( select livery and load ) exit and try again the previous server ?
  7. yeah, I tried to join the lowest ping server, then a server that had no ping. no joy. I can connect to any server, as long as it has a ping, no matter how high the ping, so that was not an issue for me.
  8. No there is no way to join a zero ping server. Even with this little trick.
    Maybe i didn't write my post correctly but i was talking about other server with ping that sometime are hard to join.
  9. no, you made good sense. :) I was just adding things I had tried etc...
  10. i live in nz so there is no server that i can join
  11. I ve got massive problems today to join . Sometimes it works but what causes this my PC ?
    Internet connections or Bug in RRE ?
  12. whats your problem, explain it. Same as above?
  13. mp stacks in skin selection screen and image freezes . Have to kill in task manager .
    Yesterday it was onlky in RRE but not in DTME