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Tracks Jerez 1994 0.9.8

Circuito de Jerez

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  1. Alex Sawczuk

    Alex Sawczuk
    Reiza Studios Premium Member

    Original track was actually by me. All F1SR have done is change the bridge on the front straight (basically bugger all) can you update the credits accordingly please and include a link to the original track here?


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  2. thanks
  3. gracias
  4. Matt

    Premium Member

    Apologies Lord Strobe, if you could delete my review I will promptly replace it with your required 5 star review as this is clearly at the same level that Kunos release.
  5. Is it possible to fix sector times?
  6. Great work, from Alex (creator, right?) and yours for conversion. Only 3 important fails:
    - no map: if you want it, just ask me, i made it and its working like a charm.
    - few slots: again, i modified it for you. If you want a 32 slot version, just request it.
    - wrong sector times: i didnt fix them, but i´m sure it would be easy for you :)