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Misc Italian Number/License Plates 0.5

Many Italian license/number plates

  1. velofosse submitted a new resource:

    Italian Number/License Plates - A couple of Italian license/number plates as a taster.

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  2. why don't just release a template instead of spoon feeding us 25 separate pre made number plates. ?
  3. The making of these plates is very difficult for me with little or no knowledge of working with layers etc. I do have a single template but for example the new style French plates have to be made on the Italian template with the correct font and font size. Then all the department numbering and logos etc have to be added after being researched. The hyphens in the Spanish font are too long so have to be removed and shorter hyphens added. You may say 'why not just leave a space?' and add the hyphens after, well because if you put a space inbetween the numbering and lettering it automatically spaces too large and the numbers do not fit the template. It is not so simple as it looks which I judge by the amount of other license plates I see here.Thanks for your support and I hope you don't mind me continuing to 'spoon feed' my work to you. I hope you like the plates and find them useful.
    I will supply an Italian template as soon as I get all my information together...probably next week.