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Issues and questions about RRE update

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Albezar, Jun 14, 2015.

  1. Hi there guys! :)
    After the new update I thought the AI would behave differently. I had a couple of races with Ai in single race. I noticed that every time I accidentally hit the rear or side of the Ai, I'm a freaking pinball compared to the Ai car. Or even if I hit very slighty in the apex of a corner the Ai keeps on going like a train and my car spins so easily. Is this realistic? and no, that is not my way of racing! I don't tend to hit cars, it's more like a contact which is due to the fact that most of the time for instance the Ai brakes too early into the corners than I do.
    :O_o: And the questions. Is it really so that the maximum number of opponents in a race is limited to 23 cars!!?? This is the case in every single track I choose and every single car class. A maximum of 23 cars in a race!? this is like 10 years ago in gaming. I just bought couple of car packs, because they had +30 liveries and I thought I could have them all in the race!
    Another question about the physics and assists. Is it really so that the only way to have traction control on I have to choose "amateur" mode from the physics menu? When I choose amateur, then the tire wear, mechanical issues etc. goes grey, which means they are not on I presume. This really sucks if so... :(
  2. I noticed the 'touch and spin' problem too. Very annoying.
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  3. William Wester

    William Wester

    I have also commented on the "touch and spin" over in the R3E forums. The problem is amplified as I can't slow my car down as quick as the AI. I can be running the same pace a few lengths behind and if I time my braking to match the AI I will almost always run into the back of them. Actually, this is my biggest gripe of R3E as I like most everyone else. Still it's becoming one of the better sims but I get frustrated at times racing the AI. I can race bumper to bumper, door to door better in Project CARS, GSCE, and rFactor 2.
  4. Bigger grids is being worked on atm, they mentioned that during the last dev stream.
  5. Good to know I'm not alone with these pinball fantasies. :geek:
    Any comments on the number of Ai opponents in races??? and the physics choises?
  6. He answered your question right above when you asked it a second time.

    For traction control in Get Real it depends on the car category. GT3, for example, has traction control (TC) on the cars while WTCC does not. Cars that have TC irl will generally allow you to set it (and have it affect the car) in car setup.
  7. I must be blind. :O_o: Sorry and thanks! Lets hope we get bigger grids and better ai asap! Otherwise I will dump the game this time for good.
  8. Well, I'm quitting RaceRoom because of this issue. The AI keeps blind as they were before the last update and they make you spin every corners. Very annoying, if I detected that from very beggining I certainly had asked for a refund in Steam.