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Issue gears and fuel

Discussion in 'F1 2014 - The Game' started by loma28, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. I really cannot understand the choice to eliminate setting gears. Do you know the reason?
    In first race in Melbourne with my setup I never could use 8th gear. This is insane.
    Furthermore in last lap of race 50% when I was 5° with my Lotus, the engine began to cough
    I think because out of gaz, so that I ended 10°. Which is the reason of that? And how can I avoid it in next race?
    Thank-you for your reply
  2. Gear ratios are fixed this season from the first race onwards - presumably part of the reason why an 8th gear was introduced is that some tracks will have a need for it when others don't.

    If you're running out of fuel on the last lap then you've been pushing too hard in the previous laps and ran out... Simple as that! Codemasters confirmed that the game will take into account the effect that lifting and coasting and short shifting has on fuel usage. Don't run the engine too hard all the time, shift up earlier if you can afford to and lift off earlier coming up to braking points. All of these things are pretty true to real life.
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  3. ok I got it Thank-you
  4. I really wish they'd let us set the ratios in the first career race. Would have been more fun.
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