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Isolation Feet for Buttkicker (or other tactile transducers)

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Richard kipp, Mar 22, 2014.

  1. Just purchased RaceRoom RR2000 chassis. The chassis comes with rubber feet, (6) #751 20 117 and (2) #751 20 119.

    Does anyone know if these rubber feet will successfully act as 'isolation feet' for tactile transducers (using 4 ButtKicker mini LFE transducers in chassis mode with SimVibe software)?

    Or, do I need to replace the stock rubber feet with actual isolation feet made for tactile transducers (see image below of Buttkicker Kinetic Isolator RDB-375)?

    I want to get the most kinetic/vibration transferred to the RR2000 chassis.

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  2. would a rubber 'carpet' (like the one in the trunk of my car) work?
  3. Your question suggests, I should have taken my physics courses more seriously (LOL). I would assume that the density and thickness of the rubber, and the weigh it supports, are variables to determine the level of vibration absorption. I figured if the GE Vibration Pads could support a fully loaded washing machine, it could support an occupied rig. They have worked well for me so far.