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Is there comentary and engineer sounds in GSC extreme!

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Steve William, Apr 27, 2014.

  1. Not sure about this but i dont hear anything from an engineer or commentary while driving!

    in game files there a commentary audio files.....buy i dont hear anything,

    is it included or not yet!
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  2. Pretty much what im looking for thanks,
    Missing some stuff like not telling that the crew is ready for pit stops but still very good.
  3. If you ask the spotter by saying "John" he will as you want you want. If you say "pitstop" he will respond and tell you the the pit crew will be waiting for you.
    He will ask you about stratagy change.
    When you get low on fuel he will warn you to come in.
    Look in the file SpotterCommand.lcl for items you can stay.
    You need to setup a "voice chat" button to wake him up. The button is in the Controller options window.
    You might read my novice spotter comments in
  4. That is damn cool if you can talk to your pit crew.
  5. is there a similar plugin for rfactor2?

  6. Thats cool, will try it out thank,,,
    also does it work on race or because the spotter is quiet while racing!
  7. I seem to remember he is quiet unless you talk to him after the race starts. You should be able to say "time display" or the like. Try and see if he will answer you and then say Pitstop or some other status command.

  8. Great thanks man,
  9. Here the spotter don't talk some informations in race, like blue flags and opponent pit stops. What i can make to these alerts work?