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Is there any point?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Steve O'Malley, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. I am regular RFactor player but thought i would get this game just for the time trials. Had a quick look at some of the results,all PC and some of the lap times are ridiculous.
    Can the fastest lap really be 7 seconds quicker than 2nd place at Silverstone? How about a 12 second gap between 1st and 2nd at KL or a massive 14 second difference between 1st and 2nd place at Singapore.

    Surely these guys are running some sort of hack and if so why can't Codemasters produce a game that doesnt allow cheats?

    Makes the whole thing seem pretty pointless really.
  2. kelaroost

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    there probably keyboard players with traction control turned on breaking assist and auto gears who cut corners.
    I bet if you race them with all the aids turned of they wouldnt stand a chance.
    Pay it no mind
  3. There are some cheaters, and I think there are unintentionally wrong times as well (bugged laps). F1 2010 had a few at every lap.

    If you're coming from rFactor, what are you looking for in this game? If it's realism you desire, you will probably be disappointed, but if you're just after some fun racing you might like 2011. Yes, the lap times are very quick in time trial in this game, much quicker than real F1 and much quicker even than the previous game. The other game modes are also faster than real life. A lot of people here are disappointed about this, but it's not a horrible game, it's still quite fun, but whether you like it or not will depend on your expectations.
  4. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    I agree with Derek, it is disappointing that the times that are achievable in the game are not realistic in relation to those in real F1 but it doesn't detract from the fact that it is a very compelling and addictive game. It's still early days with it and hopefully if CM are true to their word and provide a patch or two that fixes the main issues in the game then it can only get better.
  5. There is somehting wierd going on online. I drove a a fast steady pace at Spa yesterday but the race winner's fastest lap was more than 3 seconds quicker than mine, even though I was within two tenths of his qualifying time. I dont know if its the setup glitch, corner cutting or what but racing online doest feel fair or fun at the moment.
  6. I know that last year, with F1 2010 (the little I played it) I did some ghost time trial using the #1 time in the leaderboard and the speed of the ghost was so ridiculous the guy was past T1 at Montreal by the time I was approaching the turn in. He went around T1 (or T2, the T1 complex anyway) like a jet fighter. A real driver would have suffered a blackout from the Gs.

    My point is that at least last year the cheating was obvious and not due to any driving aids. And the spread from #1 to #2 was something like 5 seconds. Considering that #2 also cheated that was quite impressive.

    But sure, it would be nice if:

    1) There were leaderboards for aids and no aids
    2) Some sort of anticheat that recognizes when a lap time is unrealistic.
  7. I think some of the reason why we can run faster laps than real drivers in real life can is that we are able to drive MUCH more aggressively than real drivers can because we aren't in danger of dying. We are able to put in laptimes without fear of crashing and hurting ourselves. And cutting the track also helps immensely...
  8. Large parts of this game are totally flawed and people are probably not cheating. I raced the ghost lap of the Catalunya leader. He spun off half way round I finished probably 15 seconds ahead but he still he got the top time by more than 6 seconds.
    Look at the top PC times for Australia. Both less than 23 seconds, yes 23 seconds, not 1 minute and 23 seconds but just 23 seconds.

    Its quite laughable that Codemasters can release a game that is so badly flawed.
  9. No one in the universe can produce a game that doesn't allow cheats. I've been playing first person shooters since the late 90's and every time someone comes out with a new anti cheat system, someone else finds a way around it. totally sucks but that's the way it is.

    Plus the fact that it is VERY hard to tell the difference between a cheater and a really really really good player. you just have to spectate them and hope they look at players through walls or if they're spinning around and still getting head shots every time (no one is that good)

    I imagine the same sort of things apply with racing games, how can you tell the difference between a really good driver and a driver that's got his grip physics hacked? just hope the hacking driver does something impossible.
  10. Actually, I have read plenty of articles explaining how cheating in simracing is so widespread that in some leagues the admins are the cheaters.

    one way to do it is to change the car characteristics while it is sitting in RAM on your computer, for instance. And that is with rFactor. Imagine with something with such wider appeal.

    Certainly, there is truth in the fact that (without cheating or cutting) I can get a rfactor formula 1 car, practice a bit at Silverstone and clock a slightly faster lap time than vettel did in qualification. And my times in F1 are usually 3 or 4 seconds off the aliens.

    That's of course due in part to perfect weather and track conditions, no wind, perfect tires and no fear of blowing up the motor or kill myself.

    But it's not the whole story. Simcars just seem to be faster the RL even when they are done as accurately as possible.

    The V8 drivers in Australia have been practicing on the iRacing V8 Supercar and almost all of them said that they wished they could clock the same lap times in RL.

    That said, cheating cab shave far more than that from lap times to the point when entire minutes are saved. Wait a bit and go take a look at some of the ghost cars drive in practice mode. Totally unrealistic.
  11. But I'm not sure cheating is the issue. I think the game is flawed in so many ways. How can someone lap Melbourne in 22 seconds?
    Codemasters are supposedly a reputable company but to release a game that simply isnt ready is farcical. There would have been thousands of willing free testers available but it looks like they are just going for the money as usual.
  12. I noticed at one point the fastest singapore time was 1:07, i raced the ghost and it did the lap in like 2+ mins, like it was hard for me to be that slow, so yes there are cleearly some glitched times, i suspect there will be a patch addressing these glitches and the leaderboards will be reset
  13. Why would someone cheat to achieve such an unrealistic lap time? I think I almost set a 20-second record lap myself. I was in time trial, lapping happily, when I noticed my ghost car wasn't following me anymore, nor was it ahead. I also noticed that my split times were many many seconds behind... for some reason it had recorded 20+ seconds as my best full lap time, maybe it got that number from a sector time, I'm not sure. I hard closed the program instead of going back to the lobby, where it might have put my time on the leaderboard. I noticed tonight a guy I race with has a few seconds lead in TT on a track; it's clearly a bogus time and it was almost certainly unintentional. He won't be able to record a legitimate time until that one is cleared.

    They cleared the boards in 2010, within a few months of it's release. I don't know what the reason was, but there were several flawed times before (and plenty of cheating after).
  14. Damn chill out dude. It happens. There's not a perfect game on earth. You can't be certain how a game is gonna act until you get a million people playing it and uploading times and such. Nearly every game released in the last 10 years requires a patch or two or three.
  15. Lol, maybe i should Cory. I just find it so annoying that a Company as big as Codemasters find it acceptable to put out something thats has so may problems.
    Im pretty sure they would have been able to find a zillion guys who would happily test it free of charge so they could find the faults before selling it. Instead they put a flawed product out there, wait for people to pay for it then worry about fixing it.
  16. If you're in any way looking or a realistic experience forget the time trials, the cars are glued to the track! Try thrashing an Hispania on cold tyres in the first free practice at Melbourne and you'll have a bit more fun, I guarantee it!
  17. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    Regardless of anything else at the very least CM should have something in place to remove the completely ridiculous times from the leaderboards.
  18. Same way with Dirt series from CM. Top leaderboard times are just stupid. Obviously hacked/cheated. What I'd like to know is, what satisfaction is there in seeing your name next to a cheated time? I would be embarassed. And if anyone could use a little cheating its me! :tongue: I'm thinking of changing my online name to "Snail001"
  19. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Please quote your sources when making such heavy accusations.