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Is there a way to... remove hands?

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Peter Kerényi, Mar 13, 2016.

  1. Hey guys. Simple question needing a simple answer. Google didn't help me. The hands are all right but sometimes they get in the line of sight too much. I am running every other sim with moving wheel + no hands. Except for PCARS of course, it can't be done there.

    So is there a .cfg or .plr line that can be changed to remove hands? Thanks :)
  2. No need to go digging into config files. Launch rF2, Options, Display tab, Steering Wheel is the location. Select Off, No arms, On, or Fixed (e.g. stationary).
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  3. Options ==> Display ==> Steering Wheel : Choose whatever fits you.


    Or if you are already on track (With the FR3.5 I like to see a static wheel for the DRS lights)
    Settings ==> Display ==> Steering wheel : Choose whatever fits you.

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  4. Oh my has it been there since the beginning? I feel a bit dump now. Thank you thank you :D
  5. Lol. It's been there since rFactor 1.
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  6. For some reason I always thought it's a yes/no setting and didn't bother checking it. Furthemore I have not seen an rF2 video on youtube without hands. That made me think it's not there. :D
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  7. Lol, never thought of it in that way. :D

    But in replay mode the wheel and the hands are always there. Maybe that's why. ;)
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