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Is there a way to convert my tracks back to BTB format?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by babisk, May 29, 2009.

  1. Hi all, i lost my original track files from BTB folder after a HD failure.:crying:
    I would like to know, is there a way to convert my tracks back to BTB format, from RBR game folder?
  2. sorry to be the bearer of bad news but no, it can't be done
  3. So once you have built a track with BTB and have it in game and I lost the origional BTB project files, there is no way to get that track back into BTB to edit it??

    If the answer is NO then that should be something they should add to BTB.
    I mean spending weeks and weeks worth of work and not being able to open the track with the program you created it with doesn't make sence to me.

    just a thought. :)
  4. You're asking Brendon to stop working on new features for BTB and instead write a very complex backwards conversion program for people who don't keep backups of their project folder on a USB disk.

    Besides, exporting a track to rFactor probably loses many of the things BTB uses (e.g. node & control point values).
  5. I don't use RBR however, Could you use 3DSIMED and save the sections as files to use in an xpack and then plant them?

    Not sure.... anyone!
  6. here is another thought for you: say you have this photoshop file with layers, masks, text and whatever which you save it as jpg. suppose you've deleted the psd file at some point, you still have the jpg but what you need are the layers and masks... what do you do then? the answer is the same: you can't do anything. no conversion will give you back the original file.
    that is also true for max too, if you make a simple plane in max and you export it as 3ds you can't reinport it as a plane.

    that being said, flash memory sticks are very cheap and there are more than enough free automatic backup programs outthere, and i don't mean to be rude by stating the obvious, i've had my fair share of problems because i've ignored backups.
  7. :coffee2:
  8. well put jharro ;)