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Is STCC any good?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Stephen Mccully, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. im thinking of buying stcc. I have read some reviews but am still not sure if its worth purchasing.

    How do you guys rate it?
  2. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    I suggest reading this subforum for STCC and you will get enough impressions i think :)
  3. This is easy to sum up!

    If you like the S2000 based cars then yes, the cars are a great addition & the tracks are brilliant for them.
    If you want to Camaros then yes again, they are good too and again the tracks.
    Otherwise you may as well not buy it, but then again it's worth it just for the tracks IMO
  4. Stuart Thomson

    Stuart Thomson
    The Stoat Without Fear â„¢ Premium Member

    Also, if you intend to drive with us here, some of the events require the STCC add-on to be able to paticipate, so that's another aspect you may want to consider. :good:
  5. ok chaps thanks for that, i think ill go ahead and buy it if only for the cameros.:laugh2:
  6. i finally gave in and bought it!
    don't think its anything special like Evolution, but still worth getting to be able to join all the races.
  7. ive actually bought evo and stcc almost at the same time.. i prefer stcc over evo.. its worth it man.. stcc rules is a bit more challenging.. specially with pit strategy ;)
  8. I have STCC as an addition to RACE07 & EVO.

    The new tracks are interesting and tend to be shorter and tighter than the RACE07 tracks. I was keen to try the Mercedes C-class (BMS) but find it very oversteery and just too much of a handful for me. I am trying to tweak the setup to calm it down a bit.
  9. try to use the gtr2 mod on stcc tracks.. its gonna be disastrous lol
  10. I bought STCC and dont have doubts. There was clearly an improvement comparing to Race or even GTR EVO.

    FFB, tracks,...
  11. I was having doubts too but I will download STCC from Steam tomorrow. Very nice to have some other tracks (more twisty and stuff).
  12. I downloaded STCC a few days afgo and I love it

    The Swedish tracks are superb and remind me a bit of Aus V8 tracks in that they are fairly short and twisty allowing for great racing and superb learnability!

    Camaros are good fun so come on guys get out there and downloas it, its only a few quid on Steam!
  13. I love the tracks that STCC came with. I think this is how racing tracks should be. Like a rollercoaster ride :) Reminds me a lot GPL in a way...
  14. After a week, game is great apart from hardly anyone but alien Swedes racing online

    Great for them, but rubbish for those that play for fun and cant within a second on a sub minute lap

    Go away lads eh!
  15. Okay, I have decided to buy it after reading these good reviews. However, it is sad that there is not so many online servers running STCC. But again, this is what RaceDepartment and other SimRacing websites are for - making people come together and enjoy almost exactly what they want to.
  16. As you said, that's the only downside with the game. Practicly no one runs public servers for the STCC cars. Although there are some :)
  17. Yes it seems there arnt too many public servers running STSS wich is a shame. The new server options are a very nice addition to the sim(forced pitstop ect).
  18. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    its deffinately worth it if only for the tracks. i discorvered the beauty of minis at falkengerg and im beaming :)
  19. Readf the thread and it looks like i'm gonna get this. I guess its just easier to download from Steam???

    Question though:
    What happens if i need to rebuild my hard drive or something, can i download it again for free? Can i burn the download to CD so i have a hard copy?

    I'm just worried that if I my computer goes bang or something disastrous happens I will loose my copy for good if I down load it.
  20. Unlimited downloads yes :)

    You can also backup to DVD to prevent having to download it again.