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Is RACE now more unstable?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Warren Dawes, Jul 6, 2007.

  1. Been wondering about this for a while now, so thought I would throw it out there for comment.
    Has RACE become less stable for online racing since the upgrade?
    I've noticed that there seems to be strange things happening when the server advances to the next session. Examples:
    1. In the Mini Tourney at Estoril, when the session changed to Qualy, I went out fairly quickly, and was hit by a ghost car as soon as I went onto the track. I exited the game, re entered and all was OK. However, I noticed that many others also exited and re entered, but didn't know why.
    2. At least three people were dumped from the game when the session went to the first race (Two in Group1 and one in Group 2)
    3. I was practising with Woofer last night and after the session changed to go to the next qualifying session, he was still recorded as present, but his car had disappeared and he didn't seem to see my chat any more.
    4. I've had to exit and re enter the server quite a lot lately due to similar things to 3. above. Its usually when the session changes. Never had these problems before.
    5. The ghost car issue during the Mini Estoril practice race.

    Is anybody else noticing this, or am I just dreaming?:rolleyes:
  2. Between the quali sessions in mini tournament i also often have to log out and in again, but that seems normal since its not the natural way to go, other things than that i have not noticed, on the counterary i think its running more smothly now on my stoneage computer since the patch ;)
  3. Same thing happened to me.. I lost 5 min of quali until I found out that there's sth wrong.

    But it didn't happen to me any time before in Caterham.
  4. Yes, Warren, i was just about to start up a post like that, i experienced exactly the same things.

    Also strange, that in both group 1 and group 2 the pole sitter could not start up the race actually, more then strange...
  5. yep

    same thing here, in my other tournie (vrtcc) we have also noticed that we have much more warping than before, that the light at the end of the pitlane stays red all through quali, that there is a checkered flag bottom left corner all through quali, that there are quite a few ghosts around lap1, that polesitters have problems entering and that - at least on my computer - there are about three times as many minidumps, especially after having watched replays. Speaking of which: it still is almost impossible to get a working replay of race2 :(

    all in all the quality of the game has decreased by 20% I'd say, figuring in that my steering wheel has (after two hours of tweaking) only got back 90% of the old performance, curbs are all but missing from ffb, one track has dreadful cutting rules (Imola) but - on the positive side - one track and the cats are brilliant.
  6. Just had point no.3 again with Tyro on the server. As soon as the server reset to the new qualifying session, he turned into a ghost.
  7. yep.....noticed that to
    also noticed that sometimes the game lags a lot when i switch between windows.....if i do it a couple of more times, then it will run smoothly again....
  8. when I first joined the server on Thursday I got a ctd and minidump as the session changed (glad it didn't happen when it changed to race session, like other unfortunate racers :(), later I got back in and everyone was leaving and reentering, looks like a bit of a bug...

    yes this is always happening in the Mini quali servers :confused:

    on the plus side I have yet to be been booted or disconnected from a server since the update (except for the bad first days of the update) and lag seems to be less as well :)