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Is Kyle Dunning our new Viktor Andersson?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Norman Novaes, Oct 21, 2011.

  1. Is Kyle Dunning our new Viktor Andersson?

    Whose are the best F1 2011 setups?

    On F1 2010 I discovered (as lots of people here did too) that Viktor's setup were game changers... now I'm using Kyle's but on some circuits I'm having some difficulties to adapt the driving style.

    For those who start the work with setups from forum, what are the setups you adapt most?
  2. Dunning's seem very quick. Lots of downforce on the ones I've tried so far which I like. I don't use springs higher than 7/7 though.
  3. His setups are the best. I get fantastic times with them.I 've been able to win some races also with Williams Team and Force India.....
  4. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Yeah, where is Vic? Haven't seen him around for a while. Hope he is still racing.
  5. try this

    I made this and it is very stable and fast:
    - Try it !! ;-))))

    Australia - melbourne (dry)

    [TABLE="class: cms_table_grid"]
    [TD]Q3 (and practice and race)[/TD]
    [TD]Front Wing Angle: 9
    Rear Wing Angle: 8[/TD]
    [TD]Balance: F 56% - R 44%
    Pressure: high
    Brake Size: std[/TD]
    [TD]Front Anti-Roll Bar: 8
    Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 8[/TD]
    [TD]Front Ride Height: 1
    Rear Ride Height: 1
    Front Spring Stiffness: 11
    Rear Spring Stiffness: 11[/TD]
    [TD]Gear 1: 140 kph / xxx mph
    Gear 2: 173 kph / xxx mph
    Gear 3: 200 kph / xxx mph
    Gear 4: 227 kph / xxx mph
    Gear 5: 257 kph / xxx mph
    Gear 6: 284 kph / xxx mph
    Gear 7: 318 kph / xxx mph[/TD]
    [TD]Fuel Map: mix 2
    Fuel: 58 laps (???)[/TD]
    [TD]Camber Front: - 3.50
    Camber Rear: - 1.40
    Toe Front: 0.13
    Toe Rear: 0.44[/TD]
    [TD]1:21.396 - did 2 laps in Q3, and I did a faster lap during practice on prime, so
    this laptime is "easy" to improve. Remember that a setup also depends on driving
    style, so my setup might not be the best for you. Ballance is essential.
    Thanks to all you guys who give away your setups - it has been a big help for
    me to get started.[/TD]
  6. To answer your question Norman, Kyle has a facination with the number 11 as do alot of people on here. One day this will come back to bite him in the ass.
  7. Kyle's setups are very well, however, the answer to the question is: NO! Why? Because Vik never used (and will probably never use) any assists and once he pops up here I am sure he will provide us with setups that will blow us away!!
  8. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    Yes but isnt anyone that uses 11/11 springs like ppl that used 11/1 wings last year? neither should work just that Vik found a setup that was as flawed as this one is.
  9. As long as Kyle provides good setups after they fix 11/11 (if they do). Right now you can plop 11/11 on almost any setup and have it work.
  10. Oh it seems im famous lol.
    Had so many people mention the 11/11 thing, its getting really old, it's not like you don't have to know how to drive the car and hit all the apexs.

    People seem to believe that if you use 11-11 you become some kind of god and post absolutely ridiculous times, when I have seen drivers out there who can outpace me without using 11-11.

    Viktor is better then me, without a doubt, in the last game I used his setups and they were the best, on this game I am quite quick, but the setups I have done thus far are mostly for Time trial, using them in a race is not always so good, because of the fact there is no DRS.

    Not to say I wont be posting race setups soon, with tyre and fuel simulation, but the thing is that I use driving aids, so what works for me in my setup, may not work for those who don't use any assists.
    Best example of this is Motion Blur, he can post hellish laps, he does not use assists, but when I try to use his setup, they are usually way too stiff for me, probably because he has the luxury of using Manual gears, something which I just fail on.

    Setups will be redone once the bug is sorted, and I will still be quick, not Motion Blur or Viktor Anderson quick, but quick enough to post a good setup for the average player.

    Now people can stop crying about the 11-11 thing, its Codemasters fault, go to their forum and complain, there is a patch in the works anyways, so have some patience.
    We will see what happens when its fixed, and whether I can't handle the car at all after the patch because I "apparently" rely on the bug so much :p lol.
  11. If your setups makes you/others feel more competitive and you feel you have more fun with it more power to you. It is a game after all, having fun should be the goal. But knowingly exploiting a bug imo doesn't make a person the best setup creator or race driver as the thread starter implied.

    If using these things makes it more fun, go ahead I won't ridicule you or others. But there is a reason it is considered a bug :)
  12. Kyle, i havent ever thank you, this is the time. For ALL the tracks i use your setups and after some time, when i take the feeling of each track i make some good modifies. Thank you Kyle for your offer! ;-)
  13. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    Sorry Kyle I havent actually seen you setups, i agree with you that it still takes skill to get the lap hooked up regardless of setup, I was just pointing out the fact that 11/1 wing and 11/11 springs are just comparable to last years ideal setup.
  14. hope our dear viktor will come back soon!!! his setups (without driving assists) are unbeatable!!
    anybody tried to apply his 2010 settings into this yr's one?
  15. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    Yeah I have they dont work... unsuprisingly... Mine do though although only really for Montreal otherwise higher wing settings with my old setups work. Each to their own though.
  16. Thanks andrew =] I remember your setups in 2010 are great too, especially the wet ones if i remember correctly! I see let me try yours!! u drive without driving aids right??
  17. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    Yup no aids, however my setups were never great for everyone to get to grips with.
  18. kyle i like your set ups i cant match your times but they suit my driving style, they have cut as much as 4 and a half seconds on my times cheers and thanks
  19. I don't care if it uses a bug, springs aren't so hard to work out if u put in the time anyway, but I appreciate the setups greatly as I don't get to play much and thus cannot generate setups (or I'd still be 2 or so races in). Honestly, if u don't want to use his setups - dont! But don't come on here bagging someone who provided setups for the average racer because compared to last years game, good setups are hard to come by...
  20. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Pattyboy I think your post is a little harsh considering the original post posed this very question no? If someone answeris it politely and truthfully don't get offended. (ok fair enough it was a provocative original post intended or not)
    I think Kevin post above makes sense.
    There are a few different ways to play the game. To bookend both ends of the spectrum:
    a) Want to max every possible speed advantage (bugs, assists, driving aids) in the pursuit of the lowest time over 1 lap.
    b) To minimise every possible assist to make it as hard and as realistic as possible for a huge challenge in a grand prix race/season.
    and then every variable in between. To each their own. If you are in camp a you will use anything game wise to help you if you are in camp b you use nothing.

    Then you have
    1)PPL who want to grab a standard engineers setup and play
    2) PPL who want to gain "an edge" by copy and pasting a setup from someone
    3) PPL who want to really get involved in setting up their car.There is an awesome guide called "Racer Alex's advanced Formula 1 setup guide".

    Where setup becomes interesting (in my opinion thats all) is that there are a whole lot of interconnected variables.
    Wing impacts gearing, grip, balance.
    Camber impacts cornering grip, turn in, tyre wear, acceleration, braking.
    Balance setup will create over/understeer. to name but a few.
    I'm in camp 3 above and its for me a great aspect of the 2011 game that its much different and in some ways more rewarding to get setup right. I like the fact that rear wing is critical which was missed in 2010 game. Ride height is critical in wet setup.

    If you are in camp a above then grab one and go.
    If you are in camp b and 3 above you need to be aware that grip is everything. Setups need to be done with all assists off and on prime tyres with 15-20 laps of fuel. The car is then exposed in any balance and setup flaws, not hiding behind low fuel, options, traction control, abs.

    this little passage comes from the 2010 Guide I wrote:

    "Regarding Assits and setup: The same goes for assists TCS off, ABS off. So we get the car naked in its engineering and balance weaknesses no options or assists for balance issues to hide behind! The reason is that the assists will camouflage any setup imbalances making testing harder. As an example: you may want to try moving ballast forward to get better turn in. When doing this, at a certain point rear traction under acceleration will become problematic. If you have TCS on you won’t lose traction and spin the rear wheels as the TCS will starve the engine of power to keep the rear wheels from spinning. You won’t get the wheel spin but your acceleration will be reduced. This is much harder to sense. Brake balance changes/efficiencies will be dulled also by ABS as you won't get lockup even if balance is too far fwd in the wet. At the same time the cars handling characteristics whilst allowing these things is not optimized.
    So my take on it is that one should always do setups with no TCS or ABS and on prime tyres."

    They are but two examples of hiding deficiencies behind assists. rear camber is another.

    So my bottom line is that if you are testing setups and using 11/11 and 11/11 (and assists too!) then how do you know what is working and what is not?
    If you want to use 11/11 thats no problem but I would treat 11/11 as an assist and still do all setup testing without it then chuck it back in at the end like TCS, ABS and other assists.