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Is it possible to edit the AI names within the game?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by ERSL65AMG, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. Just wondering is it possible to rename the drivers within the games. So if I wanted to have race against Michael Schumacher and Sebastien Vettel I could replace the ingame driver names with theirs?
  2. Should be just go to the Talent files, and change the names.
  3. Tried that but it doesn't seem to take affect?
  4. Driver names are stored in the veh files for each driver (gamedata\vehicles\*series*\*team*\*driver*.veh). You'll want to edit these lines:

    Driver="Emerson Peres"
    Description="Form_Reiza: Emerson Peres #22"

    Replacing just the name. You need to retain the Form_Reiza: part in the description line though.

    If you rename a driver in the veh file you'll then have to rename the talent files too (or at least the name contained within the *.rcd) so the drivers still have differing performance.

    This will very likely cause online mismatches though, so make backups before you go changing anything :)
  5. Thanks for the online headsup thing :D I would've changed it blindly and suffered the consequences :whistling:

    Just wondering, if you use your own name though, why would it cause online mismatches?
  6. It'll cause a .veh file mismatch as far as I know. Prevents you from loading in a different physics set or anything else that could give you an unfair performance advantage (as the veh file is where the vehicle gets told what physics, sounds, camera, etc files it should be using as well as driver/team info).

    You might be able to edit just the names without getting mismatches though, hence the "very likely" rather than "absolutely will" in my original post :p