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Is it normal for a beginner to be 8 seconds slower?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by angelooliveira, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. I've just started playing Stock Car and at Interlagos I use to make 1:44.... It´s toooooo slow in my opnion. Everybody makes 1:37 and sometimes 36...

    What is wrong with me?? Is it normal for a beginner??? 8 seconds behind???? Even when I play against the AI they go faster then me (I put 85% AI hability).
  2. Angelo, eu estou bema costumado a jogar simuladores de corrida, conheço o circuito de interlagos palmo a palmo. To correndo bem no limite e tangenciando certinho. E não consigo fazer menos que 1:40.
    E não consigo entender como tem gente fazendo 1:36, 1:37.
    Deve ter algum macete de setup, pois não é possível eu baixar 3 ou 4 segundos da minha volta. Nem em SONHO. Se eu fizer uma volta perfeita talvez eu chegue a 1:39
    vai entender....
  3. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    This thread was tagged English so please use that language when answering the post :)

    @Angelo: The cool stuff of playing simracing games that in the beginning you think you are deadly slow compared to others. However after some time of extensive practicing you will see that all of a sudden you will take huge chunks off your time and you will close the gap to the faster drivers.

    The hardest part is finding that last second. That will require skills, determination and understanding the physics of the car and the technique used for driving it. Just hang in there and you will see that it work out fine eventually.

    What controller device are you using for playing this game? Driving with a keyboard for example will always leave you behind on the controller and steeringwheel drivers as they can use analogue buttons or pedals, while keyboard players suffer from a digital input.
  4. In a proper sim, yes, especially without a good steering wheel and pedal set{pedals more important than the wheel}, so you need a G27/T500/Fanatec+CSP otherwise you'll be under pressure with both your braking and low speed exits.
  5. well i class myself, as a novice, and i can hit a 1.39 at interlagos, pushing it, with bram the mans, set up. but like bram said its all about putting in practice,
  6. good brake pedal=fast times
  7. I would agree with this 100%. but also good throttle pedal, one with more travel than the stock Logitech pedals. Most aftermarket pedals are light years ahead of the momo/DFP/DFgt pedals.
  8. Niels_at_home

    Reiza Studios

    I'm afraid 8 seconds is too much to blame it on the equipment. Unless your throttle pedal doesn't reach its maximum for example, you can check that in the controls menu, press the throttle and see if the red bar fills up completely or perhaps only 2/3rds? It wouldn't be the first time such a thing happened.. Good luck!
  9. Yep, the DFGT gas pedal's effective range is only a few mm's or so, as such, it can be very difficult to feed in the power.
  10. Im doing high 58's at Brasilia against the AI cars at 100% of strengh..and still im always at the middle or the bottom of the grid, im afraid what kind of time i can see online at that track..

    By the way hello all, i just bought the game yesterday and im also driving with a Momo.
  11. When I started league racing I was using a Momo and was consistently struggling to keep up, but as soon as I replaced the pedals, my lap times improved enormously. Equipment does play a part, but technique is more important, and you can't beat practicing with other faster drivers online to get fast yourself.
  12. Good technique will only allow you to max out the weakest link, ie, the pedals, so yes, you'll be faster than G27 noobs, but as soon as they get a handle on the sim they're driving, they'll leave u/me for dead.
    Also, as I'm sure you can appreciate, it's hard to stay on the racing line with brake lock ups and bouncing cars vs a smooth entry+ a more controllable exit as well.

    Both netka and iracing were virtually undrivable with my DFGT pedals.....if GSC is anything like them, then it'll be very easy to be 4-10 seconds slower with hyper sensitive pedals.

    G27 FTW!!!!
  13. I race GTR evo online all the time, and I'm always a threat in the F3000 as it has so much downforce and protects me under brakes, but every other car is a huge problem with braking.
    Momo/DFGT are fine for arcade racing, but for sims in pro mode, they're near useless.
  14. Don't worry, not everyone is fast, so the main thing is respectful racing....no-one cares if you come 15th, just as long as you drive in a professional manner.
  15. I have seen some people very fast with a momo. You can't be 4 to 10 s slower because of that wheel.
  16. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    I have raced for years with a black momo and was pretty fast with it and could beat some aliens as well from time to time.
    Had everything to do with lots of free time and hours and hours of practice.

    Practice masters :)
  17. A 1.39 @ interlagos is pretty good best I can hit atm is 1.42's and im using fanatec GT2 and CSP so Im pretty slow :mad:
  18. I've done well over a 1000hrs on GTR evo MP, and my times peaked long ago, so from my POV practice won't help, not till I get a G27.
    I'd never recommend a MOMO/DFGT unless it was for arcade style racing with aids on, otherwise that money's better spent on a proper piece of equipment.

    Go to GT planet and search for DFGT, you'll find sizeable threads dedicated to how ****house the pedals are.
  19. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    I am not saying the momo has great pedals :) I only say that for the laptimes it doesnt really matter if you race with a momo or a g25/27.

    To be competitive practice and countless of hours is more important.