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Is it me or is AI performance more random?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Keith Windsor, Apr 7, 2014.

  1. Keith Windsor

    Keith Windsor

    Since the update, I noticed a difference in the difficulty level of my custom 1980s Classic season.
    So I started editing the Talent files to create a new season. But no matter what I do, I always seem to get a more random mix than before.
    I used to get a pretty solid grid with all the right drivers in the top ten - Mansell, Prost, Rosberg, Senna DeAngelis etc.
    But now I keep getting several slower cars up near the front as well.

    Also, I am noticing a difference in lap times between a Test Day and a race Practice session. If I set my performance according to a Test Day, and then start a season, the AI are suddenly a second or more faster in the season practice sessions. I am 99% certain it was not like this in ver 1.10.

    I wonder if Reiza can tell me, am I going mad, or could you please tell me if something has changed, purposely or accidently?
    One thing I do notice is that the tyres take a few more laps to heat up and go faster, which in itself is great, but I don't think it explains the discrepancy. Has anyone else noticed this?

    The bottom line is I am finding it really hard to set up a consistent AI for my new offline season.
  2. Wedsley Dias

    Wedsley Dias

    Perhaps you already know, but when we go straight to the race without making Qualy or skip this section, the grid is mixed in this case. Ideally do Qualy until the end, or after their quick lap, accelerate time.
    I've done some races and not noticed this problem. Top 10 of the grid, only the best, as well as otherwise.

    My TestDay is private, so I can not comment on the second question.
  3. Troy Barman

    Troy Barman

    If there is one thing i wish Reiza could add for the offline championship is a slider to change AI strength like how GTR2 did it where you could adjust it before you went to the track.
  4. Keith Windsor

    Keith Windsor

    Thanks for the replies, I seem to have got it sorted. Must have had some errors in my talent files, but it seemed to take a long time to get the AI dialled in compared to previous versions.

    It still feels like there is a more random element now, with slower cars making it higher up the leaderboard than before.

    And I'm still not sure if this is my imagination, but it felt like different details in the talent file are now having an effect, for example the number of race starts, wins or pole positions - a driver with a higher number of race starts seemed to be reaching higher up the leaderboard in practice, I never noticed that effect in earlier versions.
    Can @Reiza Studios confirm if this is actually happening, it would be really helpful to know for sure which lines make a difference in the Talent files.
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  5. Melv


    I am having similar issues. I added a new mod created new talent files (ensured driver names in the veh and talent files match). Even changed the talent file directory in the config to a very specific sub folder within the talent folder yet there is too much variation in the qual results. The caterhams qualify too high, hamilton and vettel too low.

    Would be great if folks at Reiza could give us some pointers.
  6. Paul Nadon

    Paul Nadon

    Strange,, I made a Talent file for the Retro's prior to the update and pasted back in after, and it seems fine. I also have talent files for the Formula Reiza, will paste back in and see. ;)