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Is converting Youtube to mp3 illegal ?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by ha bui, May 14, 2016.

  1. ha bui

    ha bui

    https://www.youtube.com/ is the most popular source for music at the moment

    anybody can give me advice on this ?

    Just being confused of buying new music
  2. Benutzername

    I breathe a lot. I guess i just really like air. Premium

    Well, surely musicians and labels will not be happy with that.
    It's unethical i guess, but it is not forbidden. The quality isnt as good as when you buy the track.

    The whole converting thing is a grey-zone in the law. At least in germany, but i am pretty sure its pretty much everywhere that way. And even if it would be forbidden, it barey can be tracked, it would be too much effort anyway. And if it would be possible to track converters more easily one could just record it with programs liek audacity, tracking wont be possible that way.

    If you dont want to support your favourite musicians, are happy with the slightly to majorly worse sound quality and dont have any moral problems with it, go for it.

    Otherwise just buy your music. I am using Spotify as it pretty much has everything i want for 3,33€ per month as i am sharing my account with 2 friends. Some tracks cant be find anywhere for sale or on any site or medium, i have to admit that ive got quite some songs that i not have bought implemented in my bib.
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