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Is anyone winning wet races?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by James Myers, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. I don't know what the problem is but I am having serious problems driving in the rain. The AI are posting times just barely slower than I usually do in the dry. Every time I see that I am doing a wet Race or Qualifying I know I'm not going to complete my objective. There are very few Wet race setups posted, so I am wondering if anyone is winning wet races against Pro or better AI.
  2. Yep I'm having the same problem, I was on expert now changed to legend and really struggling to get any traction in the wet (assists off). You have to time your lap right to get anywhere near the AI i.e. when the tracks drying. The only way I could get pole was to turn off tyre and fuel sim for qualifying then turn it back on for the race Bit of a cop out I know, don't know if it's just my poor driving in the wet or it's just too hard to get a fast lap in?

    Tyre & fuel off I can beat them, with it on I can't get close!
  3. Follow the instructions of step 8 in this threat: http://www.racedepartment.com/f1-2011-game/66472-13-steps-you-can-take-make-game-enjoyable.html
  4. Right what here is what I noticed, when you detour from your dry setup and try a wet setup i,e more wing, soften suspension, raise ride height, lessen the camber/toe your car is off the pace and the car becomes very unstable(I noticed this when i was qualifying at Kuala lumpur, I aint guna lie it was so frustrating I put TC on in Q3 just to qualify as high as I could, SHAME ON ME:redface:) but when you leave your dry setup on the car and raise the ride height, lessen the camber/toe, you will be competetive(I noticed this when I was qualifying at Shanghai, I pride myself on the fact I dont use TC so i was determined not to do the same as at Kuala Lumpur). I have not tested this theory extensively so please dont take my words for gospel, try it for yourself, but these were my findings. So any feed back I would appritiate as I have thus far only had wet Quali or Practice, Not the race, although when I do my race at Malaysia later today the race will be wet.
  5. Mark Reynolds

    Mark Reynolds
    Physics & AI Programmer

    I won Malaysia with Legend AI and the Force India, came 3rd at Shanghai after leading the entire race, lost out in the final pit stop on a drying track when the AI started lapping on Primes 2 laps earlier than me when the track was still wet (so it looked anyway)
  6. I really don't know what most people complaine about. I drive dry races mostly in the Merc, on Legend, finishing between 2nd and 6th. When I do the same races in the rain, I get the same results. I even won Spa in the Lotus Renault, by pitting a bit early in a race in bone dry to heavy rain conditions.

    I did found a way to drive in the rain. Just select the gears you use in dry conditions, sometimes even a higer gear when rpm's are high. Makes it a lot easier to get out of the corners, and even get good acceleration, using KERS.

    And the rain setups are not really optimal at all. The wings might be set right, but the gears are much to long to get a good top speed. This is what is taking up a lot of time. Just try to get a real working setup in TT or something. And adjust it for the conditions (lower gear for 100% wet races, longer gears for drying races, when DRS might get active).
  7. In the same boat. Can't figure out where to push to get the speed the AI has. Any time I try to get something extra I just spin out.

    Increasing your wing settings to maximum definitely helps with the stability of the car.

    I'm sure using a complete "wet" setup could only help.

    BTW, this is great for practice and qualifying but in a race that starts dry and goes to wet you're ******.
  8. Well this apparently says that you must use a wet setup in a wet race. I thought that was a given. Am I not understanding the point of that post or what? Do I have to choose a wet setup from the quick setup menu? Those seem like they're just wing adjustments as all other settings are right in the middle. I've tried setting the down-force on my dry setup as high as it will go, raising the ride height, adjusting springs, toe, camber, but it seems like I am driving on Ice no matter what I do. I refuse to use the 11/11 bug, I'd rather someone explain what I am doing wrong so I can work on it. Thanks in advance.
  9. Well I've finally got a great wet setup for Melbourne! I used the guide: "The Art of Setup" to create a good dry setup then raised the ride height, increased the downforce, and adjusted the gears. I went from spinning in every corner to running perfect laps! I just got 5th in Qualifying against Pro AI in heavy rain without any assists.:cool: I'm liking this game much more now, but why the hell are the default setups all screwed up?
  10. I imagine the AI is probably too slow in the wet if you're running TCS and ABS, too fast if you're not. These assists probably have a much larger impact in the wet. Hard for CM to balance this, especially with online modes. Only real way is to penalise cars with assists.
  11. Its ok if you have access to the merc lol
  12. My most recent problem driving Williams at monza.. practice in the rain. As it seems near immpossible to get anywhere in the top 10. AI cars posting early 1.20s!! So I wait With 10mins to go the track starts to dry so i put intermidiates on an go out for a quick lap, and there all cruising around at 50mph in the racing line holding me up/blocking. As wel as this breaking way to early, And if i go for the overtake they generally swerve of off line causing huge collision..WHICH I GET THE PENALTY FOR! If i cruise around at this speed i get a pen for illegal blocking! It SUCKS!
  13. I managed to win in a Force India in a full rain race. All I did was take first on the first turn and then created a massive Trulli train to hold them off.

    The trick to making wet setups is to increase body roll, raise ride height, reduce responsiveness, and increase stability. Do this by softening anti-roll bars/sway bars, rasing ride height, softening springs, and increasing wing angles.
  14. Can't do the Trulli train tactic in a proper race though (50/100%) as these require you do to 3+ stops usually.
  15. It is hard mate. U will get use to it though. I really struggled in Spa even though I had the fastest lap. I was getting two minute laps most of the time and my fastest lap was 1 min 55! but I was not consistent enough and I finished 9th in a lotus on Intermediate. Was my first race in rain though. I always found I was too eager and u end up sliding around more
  16. Yes in the dry, but the wets hold up for the entire race so there is not reason to do a stop.
  17. I don't have the slightest problems with wet races, as a matter of fact, I find them even easier than the dry ones. This is simply due to the fact that you can comfortably overtake everyone on the first lap and then just sight tight in P1 until the finishing line without having to pit. If I recall it correctly, I won all the wet races in my first season with Williams on Expert without abuse of the 11/11 bug or any other shenanigans.
    Here are some pointers:

    Set up: Extremely high front and rear wing for maximum downforce; low gears (accommodating for both the fact that you're running with more wing and that you can't go as fast in rain in the first place) and medium-low brake pressure (better go low if you're not a pro in the wet, especially with heavy rain)

    Driving style: Be smooth. Very smooth. No sudden movements, that goes for the steering wheel as well as both pedals. In the rain, it's most important not to do anything hectic, because if you do, you WILL spin. I feel that this is considerably more difficult than in F1 2010.

    Practice and Quali: There's a bug here, if you fast forward while in the pits. The AI times are too fast because the game thinks that the track is already drying, when actually it isn't. So, never stay in the pits in Practice and Quali. I know this sucks, but it's the only way to actually make the track dry up. If it stops raining and you sit in the pits for another hour, the track will still be wet once you come out, but the AI will have set times as if it had gotten dry through usage. So just park your car somewhere, do something else, and come back once the track is dry.
    If there actually is heavy rain throughout the entire quali session, you might as well set your lap right away, just don't pit, because then it will bug out again and the AI sets fast times on a whim. However, that being said, the AI is pretty good in heavy rain Quali sessions, for example I only managed P3 in Singapore (where the AI really sucks in the dry).

    Hope this helps :wink:
  18. well im having a hard time in the rain to
    the only wet race ive won was monza indeed making shure u are number one in the first corner wich was easy qualified 2nd
    but my car was to slow and realy had to defend my position

    and dont even start abouth singapore i just missed my R&D objective in the pooring rain its realy hard to stay out of the walls
    the track is a front wing eater in the rain, but than again its a force india :)
  19. Yeah the AI is a big pain in the A**, they are all driving so slow in the racing line and practically stopping in the corners! I can't see how they are posting such fast times. My friend and I are doing the co-op championship and have an agreement that if we get a penalty in practice due to the stupid AI we wait till the end of the session, then quit session, restart then skip that session to bypass the penalty. Whatever happens in qualifying or the race though is permanent.
    You brought up intermediate tyres and that reminds me of my latest problem. I've got a good setup for heavy rain and for dry, but light rain on intermediates is still a problem for me. My heavy rain setup is too slow but my dry setup is uncontrollable. I'm thinking the inters are just crappy tyres! LOL. The descriptions on the setup options are too vague and confusing. Telling me that something will make the car more stable in the turns but cause a loss of traction....Wait, what? Who's on first? Divide that by zero? How does a loss of traction equate to more stability? Also in several places it says that a higher value does this or that, but the higher numerical value is left of the slider and is indicated by a subtraction sign. O_o Has anyone got this crap figured out yet?
  20. Was just doing a race around australia which was dry for the first 35-40 laps but gradually became more wet. I pitted too early for inters and lost a fair few spots (I was running a dry setup) but then lap after lap my inters suited the weather more yet the AI were still posting great times on slicks. It's as if they changed their entire setup mid race.