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iRacing v2.0 release schedule update

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Kevin Watts, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. You saw the title and feared the worst? a delay to the original August date perhaps? well no, actually Steve Myers at iRacing has revealed the first crop of cars to be released with the new tyre model will be as early as next week. Along with the Nationwide car we have now with the new tyre model they will add five more cars. This is great news as it was feared the Ford GT and Honda HPD-ARX-01c LMP2 car may be delayed until after the main iRacing v2.0 release. This is also good news for the forthcoming RaceDepartment iLMS series to give drivers vital testing time with these new cars and tyre model.

    The announcement was made in the private members forum here but is also quoted below:

  2. Very niiice! Good to know exactly what cars we will be getting the NTM first. Can't wait to try em out.
  3. Quick question since ive been out of the loop for some time.

    Im guessing none of the cars are currently using the new tire model?

    Since i was a beta/alpha member i received certain cars and tracks for free. I'd dislike it very much if i renewed my subscription to test out the new tire model only to find out the cars i currently have arent using it. With the only way for me to try them out is to purchase said cars as in post one.

    Thanks ; )
  4. Only the Nationwide car currently has the new tyre model.
  5. Thanks for the quick reply.
  6. Chances are you only have the Solstice, Mazda and Skip Barber on road and Legends, Late Model and not sure what else on the oval side.

    If you aren't interested in spending any more money other than a $12 sub, then I'd wait for the other cars. Another 6 or so, should follow the update, so maybe one of yours will be in that next group.
  7. Been patiently waiting for seven years. Hopefully will only have to wait a few months more.

    Also if you guys would be so kind. Tell the members of Team New York im highly disappointed that they didnt acquire this already: http://postimage.org/image/ghdkfhac/
  8. This is looking good!