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iRacing Road Pro Series 2011 highlights videos

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Pablo Lopez, Jan 1, 2012.

  1. Hi guys!
    Xosé F. Estrada Suggested me to post a thread here about my gighlights videos.​
    I hope you like it, the videos show my point of view with some tv shots, onboards, slow motions, crashes and battles i had in the season.​
    Right now we are at week 10 Watkins Glen, i will update the post with the next races.​
    Im sitting in 8th position in the standings, with the DWC license secured for next year Nvidia Series.​
    Round 1 @ Spa​
    Starting 9th. Arriving 12th, crash at les combes lap 1
    Round 2 @ Okayama
    Starting 16th. Arriving 9th

    Round 3 @ Indy GP
    Starting 25th. Arriving 15th

    Round 4 @ Silverstone
    Starting 4th. Arriving 10th
    Round 5 @ Phillip Island​
    Starting last (35th). after the crash arrived 22th
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  2. Round 6 @ Zandvoort​
    Starting 19th. tried to avoid 2 spinning cars at start almost hit Rudy and avoided to the wall.
    Right suspension and sidepod broken
    Round 7 @ Virginia International
    Starting 10th. arriving 5th.
    Round 8 @ Road America​
    Starting 20th. arriving 10th. Epic battle with Alex Arana.
    Round 9 @ Oulton Park
    Starting 5th. arriving 14th after a crash and 1 more pit stop for a new front wing

    Round 10 @ Watkins Glen
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  3. These are pure awesome Pablo
  4. Thanks Hampus, hope to see you soon on track ;)
  5. Nice to see you here also Pablo :D
  6. very nice Pablo :)
  7. lol, you guys are everywhere! hehe!
  8. Same same but i think the only time i will be seeing you on track is in these PRO videos and DWC next year :)
  9. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada

    Hey cool you did, I really enjoy them :)
  10. updated with the race from yesterday
  11. Man i saw Jaroslav´s race (well as long it lasted) started 2nd then took 1st but eventually hit a curb and hit the barriers.
  12. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada

    Cars flying on the back of the grid :eek:

    Too bad your connection drop, but you were already classified for WDC right? not that bad :)
  13. hey Yes Hampus, that was also a scary moment, when i saw Jaroslav crossing the track sideways after that crash, great performance from Jar in watkins.

    yeee, Ian Lake explode, Dani and Fulvio hit him, Fulvio went airborne.
    the other mess was Davison/Andre netcode,
    Davison didnt launch well, Andre overtook him and the netcode crashed the aussie.

    yep i am classified Xose :p but well, a DC is always a bit annoying as you know :)
  14. Will be great to see some new guys in for WDC..
    Seems like alot of backmarkers really should not be there when there are so many other fast guys out there, like yourself and Arana, Spindel, Ehnström etc etc.
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  15. Thanks for the good words ;)
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  16. DISCLAIMER: I am not proud of the next videos
    Chris Hall report:

  17. **** happens ;)

    I took out myself and the nr2, 2 weeks ago and i still feel bad about it.
  18. yeah, and sometimes people bash about others mistake without mercy...

    well. here we go! FINAL PRO SERIES RACE AT SUZUKA!
  19. True,

    Are you sure it´s not the formula fun series? :p JK,
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  20. haahahha, my finish of the season was so bad i am wonder that ;)