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iRacing advice please.

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Steve O'Malley, May 16, 2011.

  1. Im sure you would have seen loads of these threads before but a very brief bit of adive wanted please:

    How does Iracing compare with Rfactor?

    Roughly how much does it cost per month?

    How often can you enter races?

    Can you practise offline / online as much as you like?

    Can you only race in IRacing servers or do RD run servers?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Answers in bold :)
  3. +1 James.
    Do iiiiiiit!

    There seams to be a lot more iracing interest of late.
    Get in the RD races they are great!
  4. James is absolutely correct. Go for it!
  5. We host private events for RD members in iRacing right now, you can rent a server for just a few dollars for a race session or take part in the numerous official iRacing series. You can try iracing for $12 for three months by using this link to a special promotion.
  6. I used to race rFactor back in the day, but don't anymore.

    For me, the only plus side for rFactor over iRacing is that it is moddable and you can probably get access to more tracks and more cars/series than iRacing offer, but that doesn't mean it is necessarily better for this. You still get plenty to go at with iRacing, with 20 plus vehicles and 40 plus tracks (often with multiple layouts) with more to be released in the coming months.

    Quite a few rFactor MOD's I tried over the years weren't all that good. At least with iRacing you are getting laser scanned tracks and cars and a racing experience that IMO is second to none. There is no AI to pit your wits against, just you against the world, lol.

    Just my personal opinion and not a sales pitch for iRacing, before any rFactor lovers start jumping all over this thread, lol.
  7. So are there races for all cars going on all the time or do you have to plan well ahead?
  8. Rookie car races are every hour, D and most C are every two hours, some C, B and A level races are every two hours every other day, something like that.
  9. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn

    Even I am back to iRacing since last week. I am member since 2008 and hardly raced it (my stats are a joke :) ), but I rediscovered it and like it really.

    The thing James forgot to mention but is really important;
    iRacing evolves ! They are trying to update the game 4 times a year and since the start lots of enhancements and new features are added.
    They actually seems to listen to their members, instead of the regular developers only trying to sell and then walk away from the project.
  10. You dont have to plan far ahead, you can basicly jump in a race 5 minutes before start.
  11. Ok but what i meant to say was can you plan in advance for a race to give you say an hour or so to learn a track and get a decent setup?
  12. You can, there are practice sessions running constantly for every series. The race times are shown too so you can just choose which one you're going to race in, practice for it then sign up 30 mins before it starts.
  13. The best way i find is to use the race planner and choose when you are going to race and then build upto that race during the week. Once you are in a series for the season it is best to only do two races in that series a week. e'g' i am racing the V8 this season and i only do the race on Sunday night and Monday lunch time (UK time) the rest of the week is practice and sorting out the setup. I try and jump in a Grand Touring race once a week with no practice and that isn't going so well :) bloody Jettas get in the way :)
  14. One more question. Once i click the Sign up now button and pay my subscription, how long will it be until i can get on a track.
  15. You can get on as soon as you can download the software, the basic would be around 500Meg i think so not long if you have a decent connection.
  16. So I got IRacing. Have been practising at Lime Rock for a while in the Mazda but cant get the thing round under 1.02. Watched a race tonight where most guys seem to do PB's of less than a minute and if i joined i would be last by a country mile. I dont seem to be so uncompetitive in RFactor, and its probably a daft question, but can anyone give me any tips on how to speed up a bit?
  17. Steve the speed will come. Just qualify and you will be put in races with others in your speed range. You will see that the more splits the race has the more evenly matched you will be with other racers.
  18. most importent thing in iracing

    keep it on the track and save
    speed will come the more u race and practice
    learn from the faster guys ;)