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iRacing Advice if possible (Class D)

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Dave R, Dec 31, 2015.

  1. I just got out of rookie in both oval and road this morning and got my Class D. I know I could ask these questions in the iRacing forum, but I'd rather do it here since you all are much friendlier. So here goes

    1. My Safety rating was at 3.0 (I got promoted) but now has dropped down to 2.47 for ovals and 2.58 in Road and I haven't run anything in class D yet. Why did that happen? I figured it would stay at 3.0.
    2. Should I run some of the Legends races in oval and some of the Production Car Challenge races in Rookie or should I focus all my effort on Class D stuff now? Does my safety rating need to be 4.0 before I can anything in class D?
    3. Which series do you all recommend for Class D for both oval and road?

    Thanks so much for any help. It's much appreciated as always.
  2. James Nance

    James Nance
    I like Race cars? Premium

    When you move up in a license it always drops down again, just a way to keep you working at it and not gifting you the SR, otherwise you would just scoot by into the next license. I would focus on D license races now, since those should reward you with quicker progress. Most popular is skip barber or spec racer ford for road, no idea for oval.
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  3. Thanks James. Much appreciated.
  4. It all depends on where you want to end up.

    Oval advice: I would only buy a D oval car if you want to race a D oval series in the future. If you are just looking to get out of D class so you can run either NASCAR or IndyCar, then I would suggest keep running the street stock to get your SR above 4.0, then you can run the trucks or IndyCar to keep going.

    Road advice: Get the Skip Barber. It is a lot of fun to drive and race and the races go official every hour 24/7. I have had my A license almost 3 years now and I still race the Skippy almost every week. Then figure out what other cars you may want to drive in the future.

    If you have questions about any car or track, let me know. I have 100% content. I can give you advice on anything. I'm not that fast, I just like to drive and race. I don't care where I finish as long as I have a good clean race.
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  5. Troy thanks so much for the advice. So once I get my safety rating up to 4.0, it will put me in C Class even though I didn't run a "D" race? Can I keep driving the street stocks and legends cars? I think I'll definitely get the Skippys. They look like lots of fun and a good challenge. My ultimate goal for oval is trucks and Indycars, and probably just GT stuff in Road.
  6. Road, definitely the Skippy if you're not an alien, it'll teach you a lot. For GT cars, I'd start with the RUF Cup and aim for GT3 (most competitive "normal" road series on iRacing).
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  7. Gerbuho


    Hey Dave, the risky way worked. I got my D too already :D
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  8. You should all be joining in on my Sunday morning hosted races! GT3 cars and mostly included tracks. It's a good time. We can always use more racers regardless of your skill level. What you get to learn and practice there will help you in the official races but it will be with NO risk to your Safety Rating and iRating. Join in guys!
  9. word by word what i would have said. do not concentrate too much on what you want to achieve in the next 4 weeks, get a perspective for where you want to be at the end of the season. you can get promoted in the middle of a season if your sr is good enough (4.0 if i remember correctly) but there is no harm done in taking it a bit slower. the skip's main advantage are the many many splits each hour, so the grid is really filled with players your level which is the most fun. always race three races at once: yours, the chap's in front and the chap's behind, that should keep your sr stable or moving up. the higher the licence the slower the gain in sr and the quicker the loss.
    one thing that took me ages to figure out: the numbers assigned in races reflect the iRating of the player: highest iRating in the field gets #1, lowest irating gets #16 or however large the field is. Very helpful to quickly assess where you are at and also to figure out the strength of the players in front and behind.
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  10. Marc


    No! Finally you need to do 4 official Races or Timetrails inside the class you're in. It's callled MPR if i'm right?! Once you archieved these, you get up to the next class immediately if your SR is above 4.0, or at the end of the Season if it's higher than 3.0.
    You can read all about this down in your stats page as well.
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  11. Actually, you would never have to run a D class race or time trial and still get promoted to C class. I have a friend who did it. If you have a D 4.xx license, you can run in C class races and those races will count towards your MPR. After running 4 C races or time trials with a D 4.xx license, you will get promoted to C immediately.
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  12. I bought Spa and Interlagos for the Hosted events here (thanks again for doing it @SnappyDEe ). I also picked up the Skip, the National series Oval Car, Darlington, and the Nordschleife, but as of yet, it still will not load. I have a GTX9I70 but 'm thinking I may need more system RAM to run it (at 8GB now).
  13. James Nance

    James Nance
    I like Race cars? Premium

    What you mean it wont load? You mean the gigantic load time for the Nord? If so thats normal, it takes a long time to load. I got 8GB of ram. Tomorrow they will go down for maintenance to make improvements, so will see what that is.
  14. No it tries to load and then quits to the desktop and my computer is frozen and I have to restart. I've tried it three times and each time the same thing happens. No issues with any other tracks.
  15. weird, i seem to have a way smaller and less powerful computer and it has always loaded longish but fine, even the combined nords - gp track.
  16. James Nance

    James Nance
    I like Race cars? Premium

    Wait till tomorrow and see what they change, hopefully it might be in line to help.
  17. I called iRacing support and they did a screen share and pulled some files. She said it was odd that only one track wouldn't load. We'll see what tomorrow brings. On the good note, I'm up to 3.8 on my Road SR and 3.60 on my oval (already gotten the promotion at the end of the season for Road), so hopefully I can get into Class C in the next few days. I'm weighing my options and as much as I want to buy the Ruf Cup and the BES Endurance stuff, I'm going to try to hold out. I also have the same dilemma on ovals as the Trucks and Indycars both look great.
  18. James Nance

    James Nance
    I like Race cars? Premium

    Interesting to know from the devs, yeah hope for whatever is tomorrow. Congrats on the promotion, look forward to soon seeing you online in official sessions. Speaking of Blancpain, get yourself a BMW and you would possibly have yourself a future team mate in events ;)
  19. I've got the BMW and would love to learn at the feet of the master haha. I bought Spa and Interlagos yesterday and I have to say that I'm truly amazed with the quality of Interlagos compared to every other sim I've played. It's like driving a whole new track. I have a couple more questions if that's alright (and thanks to all again)

    I was wondering what is everyone's thoughts on the Ruf Cup. i'm finding that due to my lack of setup experience, I'm enjoying the Fixed series quite a bit (Mazda, National, etc) and I do seem to do much better as far as results go in the fixed series.

    As far as series go, in my cart I have the tracks and cars for Indycar fixed, Truck series fixed, Ruf Cup, and BES (just the tracks for the remainder of the season). I'm considering adding in the GT1 class as well (Aston Martin). How does it drive compared to the BMW in GT3? Is it much tougher to handle.

    Is it better to go ahead and buy all the tracks for a season or just the remaining ones? Are there tracks that generally repeat every year or am I wasting money just buying the tracks for a whole series

    Thanks again as always
  20. Dave, on the road side the Skip Barber is a good series but I suspect as it runs every hour people tend to use races as their practice sessions, which often can cause a few crashes.

    Try the Spec Racer Ford, great community, fun, usually clean races, lots of help from experienced drivers.
    Check out their forums.
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